Sunday, October 19, 2008

update on my son:-)

i just talked to my daughter-in-law. she's heard from Kyle and he's headed back to where he was before over there, guarding a post. a prison to be exact. i'm relieved. i now know he won't be doing missions up & down the roads of Iraq. although not entirely safe from all harm, but far less exposed to the dangers. he'll call when he can. she's bought him a phone card so he can call home from time to time. i guess this means he won't have his own phone. but if i can know even thru Erma, his wife, how he is doing and that he is alive, i'll be ok. i also told her i'll be calling her to check on her and baby. before Kyle left he told me that she will be getting out of the Army herself now that she's pregnant. she went into the detail of all that tonite. at the moment she's guessing she'll be getting out after december sometime. the Army has it's own way of dealing with pregnant soldiers, and so it's just a matter of time. once she gets out, she's stopping here on the way home to Arkansas. she's due May 24th. i pray the pregnancy goes well and the baby arrives safely. so far so good and that's all that matters right now. i'm lookin' forward to being a grandma:-)...anyways, i can sleep well tonite knowing Kyle is safe at the moment. God bless our troops! God bless the USA!


Jeannette said...

I am glad your son is out of the real danger zone, at least not on the front line. I hope things go well with the baby. Have a good week my friend.

Julia said...

I am so glad you heard from them and that he is not in harms way. I know you must worry. I bet you can't wait to be a gramma.