Wednesday, October 8, 2008

old journal transferred

well, i transferred my aol journal over tonite. it didn't transfer properly the first time, but i renamed it and tried it again. it work the second time. for some reason i was hoping this one and the other one could be merged. no such luck. well i at least have it saved. i'll go back laterz to see of if all the photos transferred. no big deal if not, i've got them on file. which reminds me, i need to spend a whole day with my photos. downloading onto a disc that haven't gotten there yet.

so, anyways i've got my work cut out for me. these Balloon Fiesta photos will be ones to download on disc as well as the recent Madison photos.....ok, i'm tired....i'm not going out to the Jemez Mtns tomorrow after all. i really need to stay home at least one day this week. i'm not accustomed to going somewhere every day. but come tuesday, i'll hit the road and post those photos at that time. a few more days, the leaves will remain there.
for those who didn't get the posting yet, i did post fiesta photos 2 entries ago. that was just the beginning. now i also added a few of my long time followers to the list so that you get alerts in your email when i post something here. that's if i read that link correctly. maybe you'll know after i've posted this. let me know if you would please via a comment or send me an i said, i'm tired from all the week's excitement. another reason for rest at home tomorrow. it's been another great day. even wrapped up my homework for class already....i'll see ya soon...hugz.


Robin said...

congrats on the transfer...I just finished doing ALL of mine too.

Melissa said...

KBear, I transferred my AOL journal tonight when I got home from work and it was surprisingly easy. Not all of the photo's came with it, but I'm not going to worry about it too much. Also, I noticed that the ones that did transfer are in they are not the right size and some of them are cut in half. But, oh well.

I don't know how I did it, but I do get emails when anyone leaves a comment, and I can see when new posts have been made on the journals that I have listed in "Blogs I read". I wish I knew what I did to make that happen so I could tell you how to do it!! Maybe there will be some really smart people who read your entry and they can help you! ;)

Jeannette said...

The reason some have codes on and others do not is that they have taken word verification off as I have done. You still have it. Go to your settings and you will find it somewhere there. Against word verification just click the no option.

Julia said...

Love all the pictures. I bet it was some site to see.