Monday, October 20, 2008

my daughter-in-law

just a quick introduction to my daughter-in-law. i finally downloaded a couple photos from his myspace account. i have yet to meet her. my phone conversation with her last night has been the longest i've talked to her. she's seems rather intelligent which is something Kyle needs. he sometimes needs someone to spell things out for him, but i love him anyways. the baby is due May 24th i learned last night. i had planned to go to the Grand Canyon about that time, but i'll be in Arkansas instead. i'll call her once a week to help her thru this time while he's in Iraq. it'll help me too keep track of him and ease my own worries. i'm already thinking about him daily, but i know he's fine is some small sense of a way. he is also happy to be guarding post in lieu of doing missions. he knows he has a family to take care of now. i'll continue my prayers for him, her and the baby. Life is changing, not just for them, but me too. you're right Julia, i can't wait to be a grandma!!!


Julia said...

Nothing like a small sweet smelling baby to enjoy. I miss mine.

Jeannette said...

A pretty girl, glad she is good for him and that you get on with her.

Robin said...

She's beautiful!