Saturday, February 27, 2010

I See You

so I saw Avatar in 3D this afternoon. a way kewl effect. if you haven't seen this movie yet, it's a MUST see. enjoyed it just as much in 3D as in regular movie. I recommend either. I just LOVE this movie as I'm sure many people do. can't wait until it's on DVD for sale. maybe I'll even purchase a poster for this movie which I usually don't purchase such things. I still had sum tears this time around. knot as many as the first, but still a few flowed. such a heart warming and wrenching story. well worth it no matter how many times I see it. haven't loved a movie this much since The Lord of the Rings. it takes a lot for a movie to totally capture me. anyways, go see this movie. several times if you enjoy it as much as I do.... the meantime, I"m chillin' at home this night with a glass of wine. a little tipsy from one glass but that was on an empty stomach. I'm home and only do this at home. so all is good. I'm watching the Bronze Medal game of men's hockey. NBC seems to be recapturing the previous 2 weeks, so I'd rather do something Live at the moment. tomorrow I anxiously await the Gold Medal game between USA vs Canada. come hell or high water I'm watching that game. we've done pretty damn good this year at the Winter Olympics, I think with setting a new medals count. I've thoroughly enjoyed them this time. usually knot much into the Winter Olympics, but it has captured me this time. once it's done tomorrow, it's back to focusing on class. hurry up class!!!! ode to the journey of a Practitioner-Spiritual Counselor at church.....a couple days ago I finished a book, Faith, by Susan Salzburg...good book. different perspective about Faith than I'm accustomed. will engage in conversation with our minister about this book. within this past year, until now, I've read a significant amount of Buddhism related material. good stuff yet different. in time, I'll see how much I embrace it. it's all good. Life is Good. counting my blessings as I journey each day.....

Friday, February 26, 2010

going 4 the gold!

at the moment, i sit @ work passing the time keeping up with the Olympics via internet. all my cleaning is done but i wait for karoake to be done so i can set up for sunday services in the social hall. knot too many people here tonight so hopefully they'll leave early. i didn't think to bring homework with me to kill the dead time i have on my hands. i got so enthralled with the USA Men's Hockey game this afternoon, i rushed out the door knot thinking ahead of me. so. USA's hockey team will be going for the gold again on sunday. the women's team loss to Canada earning the silver last night. now we wait patiently to see if we face Canada again in the men's final. by the time i'm outta here tonight, we should know our challenger for sunday. now come sunday it'll be interesting if i can skoot out of here b4 the Gold Medal game begins. will see. i really got wrapped up in the Olympics this time but it's been a nice change from class. just finished a book for class yesterday. a little over 10 weeks to go and we'll be finished with this class. but then it's the written exam, eventually the oral exam should we pass the written. i sure hope this class and accomplishment is worth it once i'm done. only time will tell. i continue to meet up with discouragement but i persevere. a friend suggested that in lieu of paddling upstream to turn around and go with the flow. that may be an idea, but i like the paddling so i have sum control of my destiny. time will tell with that the meantime, it's been a beautiful day today. lots of sunshine which always puts a smile on my face. March is just around the corner and temps should start to rise a bit. i can hardly wait. but 4 now, one day at a time. one step in front of another. Life is Good today....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enough already!

I was wondering.....

When the hell is spring coming?

this came via email a few days ago. it's really how i'm feelin' at the moment. the sun poked her head out yesterday but i woke to more snow and a cold day despite the sunshine. i'm ready for winter to be over. ready for a new season to begin anew. where i don't know. i'm feelin' lost in my journey especially my spiritual journey at the moment. paddling upstream but don't know where i'm going. maybe the journey is now all the Unknown? i have no clue really, but i think i should have sum control over my destiny? or do i...maybe it's Spirit who really does the leading. only time will tell...

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Color Carnival #38

I wonder where Blonde's Diner really is?.....anyways, it's a gloomy winter day. I'd like to stay home all day, but work calls me tonight. I also need to go get baseball tickets for April when 2 pro teams come to town and face off. haven't seen a pro game of sorts since I was a kid. should be fun especially with Ken Griffey Jr coming to town. .....anyways, went to coffee with a friend the other night and we were talking bikes. I'm soooo ready for another motorcycle and to be on the road. If I wasn't going to KY this year, I'd see about getting another used bike. maybe next spring. anyways, my friend has a Harley and has invite to ride with her. so that'll compensate for now. I think she'll even let me ride it by myself. I'm itchin' 2 ride 4 sure. no regrets in giving mine up. it accomplished what I needed 2 do. but somehow, someway, I'll get another bike next year......Ride!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Where's the Hockey????

so I continue to watch The Olympics, but my question is WHERE'S THE HOCKEY???? figure skating seems to be dominating the network it isn't one of my favs. although there was a time I enjoyed figure skating, I threw it out with the bath water a very long time ago..decades ago I think. I just feel the judging is to subjective and it is knot fairly judged. I think there are favorites that usually win based on history and many different reasons. also why I through out gymnastics in the Olympics as well with the bath water. so I enjoy Hockey, knot that I watch it often. but when it comes time for The Olympics I do watch it ever since the 1980's game when we beat Russia. maybe I should find me a pro team to route for and enjoy it then. I did get to see it live watching a minor team in Spokane WA years ago in my 20s. That was more exciting than on TV. Ok, I call myself a retired Jock. I like living on the edge and the Olympics always gives me that thrill. my edge has slowed down a bit since aging, but it's still very much there. the Halfpipe reminded me. so enough of the figure skating!!! BRING ON THE HOCKEY!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the Olympics!...GO USA!!!

so I've been watchin' sum of the Olympics. yesterday was a GREAT day for the USA. it was a pleasant evening to watch last night although I knew 2 of the Gold Medals won b4 seeing it on TV. my only complaint in watching the Olympics is it's a delayed broadcast. I'd rather watch it LIVE!!! makes for more intensity and excitement. but b4 I knew the Halfpipe was a delayed broadcast, I really got into watching it. for years I heard about the hype surrounding Shaun White (pictured above), but had yet to see him in action. OMG!! after his first run, I immediately saw why he is the BEST!!!! God not only did he nail his event, he topped it off with a victory run which was even better. he was soooooo HIGH above that halfpipe while doing his stunts, I swear he was going to fall, but he didn't. these snowboarders who do this halfpipe are tremendous athletes for all the twists and turns and speed and height for which they compel themselves to do. I was totally amazed. so now Shaun White is my new hero knot just because of his awesome talent but I absolutely LOVE his RED hair. red long hair. so I'm using his visuals to get my hair grown that month down, another 11 months to go I presume that will be how long it takes me to get it there. wish me luck. and enjoy the Olympics. it's been nice to revisit them this year although I usually forgo the Winter Olympics. this time it's very refreshing for me. it's a blast! I'm lovin' it.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010


got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand..Life is Good today!

this is the chorus line for the song TOES by Zac Brown Band in the country music charts. I absolutely LOVE this song & chorus. it's my daily theme song now. listen to it each morn to set me in the right mood for the day. i downloaded it to my phone and listen to it often especially at work where things can be chaotic and irritating for me. great way for me to quickly chill in the moment......i've been off work for 2 days now. peace, quiet, serenity and tranquility. it's been so nice i don't want to go anywhere. if i could only stay in that bliss. but alas back 2 work i go today. so i put my music on and dance my heart away....
...a little late, but....WHO DAT SAINTS!!! congrats to New Orleans and the Saints! unbelievable!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

halfway there...

well I'm halfway finished with my class. it's all down hill from here, but it's knot done yet. I've been draggin' ass gettin' homework done lately. crashed and burned out. so I gave me another break tonight at the movies. but the mood of the movie was depressing. knot too heavy, but I'd rather had seen something more light hearted. Where the Wild Things had great 'creatures' but it's knot a kid's movie. thank goodness it was at the dollar movie. I thought it'd be a little fun, but there was very little fun in it. anyways, knot that I recommend it, I'll let you decide for yourself.....anyways, knot posting much lately for I'm having a boring life=class and work. can't even get out to take photos-UGH!! well at least I have a Super Bowl party to attend tomorrow after church. so a little r + r. I look forward to it. hope you have a great Sunday, whatever you're doing...

Mama Lisa's....CC #36

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Complicated

I woke this morn to more snow. yesterday it had rained only to begin snowing as I came out of the theater last night. there's more than what this photo shows and it's beautiful all over again....
anyways, this entry is about the movie It's Complicated. saw it last night and it was hilarious. to borrow a line from my friend who suggested the movie, 'I never laughed so much and hard' in a long time. so if you need sum laughs, go see this movie. it's cute but just too funny. it was just what I needed after the recent days. I woke this morn still laughing with a light heart. hope it carries me through the day. I have an appointment with our minister this afternoon about sum serious stuff and I hope my light heart will make it easier. It's all Good...., the Super Bowl is only 3 days away. who are you cheering for? I'm thinking the Colts will win, but I will root for the Saints to bring an upset. that would be the icing on the cake for the city of New Orleans. regardless of who wins, the Saints have done sum amazing things for the city. may the best team win! I'll be headed to new friends' house for the game. apparently they invited about 30 guests. I hope they have a big house. don't think I've ever been to such a Big Super Bowl party as this. should be loads of fun, which I need lots of nowadays. anyhow, here's hoping everyone has a Super Weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

celtic prayer

This morning, as I kinlde the fire upon my hearth, I
pray that the flame of God's love may burn in my
heart, and the hearts of all I meet today.

I pray that no envy and malice, no hatred or fear, may
smother the flame.

I pray that indiferene and apathy, contempt and pride,
may not pour like cold water on the fire.
Instead, may the spark of god's love light the love in
my heart, that it may burn brightly through the day.

Ad may I warm thhose that are lonely, whose hearts are
cold and lifeless, so that all may know the omfort of
God's love.

-Traditional Celtic prayer