Monday, February 22, 2010

Color Carnival #38

I wonder where Blonde's Diner really is?.....anyways, it's a gloomy winter day. I'd like to stay home all day, but work calls me tonight. I also need to go get baseball tickets for April when 2 pro teams come to town and face off. haven't seen a pro game of sorts since I was a kid. should be fun especially with Ken Griffey Jr coming to town. .....anyways, went to coffee with a friend the other night and we were talking bikes. I'm soooo ready for another motorcycle and to be on the road. If I wasn't going to KY this year, I'd see about getting another used bike. maybe next spring. anyways, my friend has a Harley and has invite to ride with her. so that'll compensate for now. I think she'll even let me ride it by myself. I'm itchin' 2 ride 4 sure. no regrets in giving mine up. it accomplished what I needed 2 do. but somehow, someway, I'll get another bike next year......Ride!

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Martha's Menagerie said...

Another great colorful sign this week! Love it :-)