Friday, February 26, 2010

going 4 the gold!

at the moment, i sit @ work passing the time keeping up with the Olympics via internet. all my cleaning is done but i wait for karoake to be done so i can set up for sunday services in the social hall. knot too many people here tonight so hopefully they'll leave early. i didn't think to bring homework with me to kill the dead time i have on my hands. i got so enthralled with the USA Men's Hockey game this afternoon, i rushed out the door knot thinking ahead of me. so. USA's hockey team will be going for the gold again on sunday. the women's team loss to Canada earning the silver last night. now we wait patiently to see if we face Canada again in the men's final. by the time i'm outta here tonight, we should know our challenger for sunday. now come sunday it'll be interesting if i can skoot out of here b4 the Gold Medal game begins. will see. i really got wrapped up in the Olympics this time but it's been a nice change from class. just finished a book for class yesterday. a little over 10 weeks to go and we'll be finished with this class. but then it's the written exam, eventually the oral exam should we pass the written. i sure hope this class and accomplishment is worth it once i'm done. only time will tell. i continue to meet up with discouragement but i persevere. a friend suggested that in lieu of paddling upstream to turn around and go with the flow. that may be an idea, but i like the paddling so i have sum control of my destiny. time will tell with that the meantime, it's been a beautiful day today. lots of sunshine which always puts a smile on my face. March is just around the corner and temps should start to rise a bit. i can hardly wait. but 4 now, one day at a time. one step in front of another. Life is Good today....

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