Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

alas, the New Year is upon us. it's New Year's Eve and I'm stayin' home and rockin', if I rock at came in from outside wearing my sandals WITH SOCKS and my toes are cold. I was reminded of last week this time in Old Town with friends when it was below 30degrees and we saw a Monk, we presumed, wearing his sandals with no socks. I have no clue how he did that as cold as it was. Nor any clue of the guy I saw only 2 days later when it was 20 degrees outside and he was in his shorts and sandals, no socks.....brrrrrr. I wonder if these 2 guys are orginally from the North Pole or something. but to each their own beat, their own drummer. just too damn cold for me with clothes on, let alone
...anyways, I'm bringing the New Year quietly as usual. I'll probably be snugged in my bed upon its arrival. today I've been draggin' ass all day in part due to the slightest hangover from a TALL beer @ happy hour with friends last night. we drank as the snow fell again leaving a few inches that stayed with us today. the norm for here is it snows, then melts within a few hours; however, the weather has been COLD more consistantly than the norm for our winters. the snow is beautiful and still knot enough in the city to cause any harm, thank goodness. but I'm ready for our usual mid 40s-50s highs to return. makes winter easier to live with. but for now, I stay cuddled in my hovel with a book and my doggies. Life is still Good in the slow lane.....'s Hoping you have a wonderful and grand New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new template

alas, a new template for my blog. did this after reading Julia's journal this morn just to see if I'd want a different image going into the New Year. so how do you like it? I'm really partial to the old one, Minima Dark, with the black background but will try this look for awhile anyways. we'll see how long I keep
...anyways, still taking Life in the slow lane. will be headed out to see sum movies in a few days. Avatar is first on the list. then possibly Sherlock Holmes, Invictus or Blind Side. has anyone seen these movies yet? I've heard good things about at least 3 of the 4 here. I'll know in time. I know me and my love for books nowadays. let's see if the movies can live up to their hype for me. in the meantime, I'm on my third book in less than 2 weeks. nice change of pace to really relax and knot worry about work. been asking how soon could i really retire from all work, woodn't that be the luxury...ha! hmmm, maybe sooner than later. let's see how life unfolds for me this coming new year. it's a good life nonetheless. I am in the slow lane compared to my postal days of old. I am very grateful for that.... the meantime, I got a new cell phone. knot that i really needed a new phone, but the ads in my email finally caught my attention. but i Love this new phone. it has a keyboard for one. lots easier to type text messages with it and i have 2 people at least i text often, very often. my phone i've learned also talks to me when someone calls or texts me. it says, 'get your phone...then it says the name(s) of who's calling or texting'. didn't understand what it was saying at first, but finally caught it. after it says all that, then it starts ringing.! but one of the bigger changes here, is i finally feel like i've got a phone in my other was soooo small. needless to say, I'm happy I spent the extra $100 for the phone plus accessories. Life is Good all the time right now. let's hope it continues for the New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009


i think i figured it out.....
i went down the street here from my hovel to try shootin' the lights again. much better results this time. b4 going, i played around with the shutter speed AND the aperture. whew i tell you, Manual on this digital camera sure is different than the old SLR. first there are a few missing low shutter speeds. but with the adjustment of the aperture, it compensated what i needed to capture the lights almost perfectly. the adventure has been figuring it out. now if i can only remember next time. we'll see. the other problem i kept running into whether last night or tonight is the road is not evenly flat. it slides down the sides. and for sum reason, my camera will knot shoot a photo at times if i'm 'too close'. knot sure how the camera reads that, but it does it during the daylight hours too. at nighttime here it was worse. need to get the owner's manual out to see if i can read up on it. anyways, task accomplished!...for the most part will debate whether to attempt sum more on Wednesday eve. at least tonight it was a little warmer because it got up to 40degrees today. had yet to get cold. but more snow on the way tonight and manana which means it's getting colder again. at least one nice thing around here, we know it doesn't last (except in the mountain ranges). so it's been a good day. now for sum more chillin....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

wrong journal...

about an hour ago...or longer...i posted an entry only to discover i posted it in the wrong journal. posted it in my old journal which i brought over from AOL-ugh-it's been one of those i figure you guys aren't suppose to see it. what the gist of the entry was about was i went on the adventure of shooting lights again tonight. this time i took the tripod but with knot much better results. so i figured i must have it on the wrong shutter i'll try again this Wednesday after happy hour with friends. then i'll have sum liquor in my system to keep me warm in the cold. i didn't play with the shutter speed as i usually do when using the tripod. i was in a hurry because it's just been too damn cold to stay outside. 20degrees on colder....brrrrrr.....but it's been fun attempting the shots anyways. a great learning experience for shooting at night. maybe with all this trial and error i can become a master of it...ha! anyways, Life is about lounging around nowadays for the most part. a short visit to another party last night. but mostly staying at home chillin. Life is Good in the slow lane. just the way i like winter....

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Spirits

from NEW MEXICO....
from me and my new friends.....
it's past midnight Christmas it's Christmas already. I haven't been home long for it was quite a night out this evening. first Christmas Eve service @ church. Rev Julie gave a great talk about the Christ Consciousness with the choir singing all night long. then it was off to Old Town for the in tow....I went with Jessica and Anna above. we started off with a little bit of spirits to drink, sum rugged wine that was might potent. I took my unipod to capture the lights but the only 2 shots that came out decent are posted above. definitely the unipod was knot enough but I'm sure the wine didn't help me either. it was a great time of fun and laughs though for the night. next year definitely the tripod, but I had a great time regardless. my first night trying to shoot the lights and lumanarias. first time really just going to see them on a Christmas Eve. knot as many people as I thought. we were going to go to midnight mass, but at least one of us got tired and was ready to head home. it was a COLD night, 30 degrees or colder but as long as we kept moving I stayed warm, in thought at least. so anyways, another Christmas has arrived and it's been a great week. now to bed and hopefully sleep in for once in the morn.....HOPE you all have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!! may PEACE, LOVE & JOY be yours always!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Christmas

today will be my White Christmas. most likely by the time Christmas actually arrives, the snow will be all gone except in the mountains. as I just headed out to take photos of the snow, more fog and snow rolled in to blanket us sum more. so perhaps tomorrow or soon thereafter when the sun shines again, I can really get some photos of the snow. for now I'll enjoy the snowflakes falling softly, gently upon the city and enjoy a White Christmas....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Here's hoping everyone has a Wonderful Holiday Season. Christmas is just down the street in a few days. it's a busy week for me for once during this holiday season. tonight I visited a friend where we sat and had tamales with ice cream for dessert in front of her fireplace. it was a spontaneous moment. we're both usually too busy to get together, so this was especially nice. but first her beau delivered some enchiladas and goodies this morn, even sum goodies for my dogs. the best delight was a photo of her and her dog together. she's only had her pup for a year now and she retold the story of how the Universe brought her the Wheaton. anyways, the 3 of us spent the evening together. quite a delight. pleasant surprise this morn since I was just expecting a plate of enchiladas. she is a dear and very dear to me. Life has been so much grander with her friendship which began about 5yrs ago. I am blessed!
...and tomorrow night, I will be blessed with some new friends arriving here for sum pizza and beer. then Wednesday will be Happy Hour with the boss and other staff members from church. Thursday is of course Christmas Eve service @ church. I haven't had this busy of a week during Christmas week in a very long time. it is a great delight....and with much pleasure to announce I haven't had the Holiday blues hardly at all this year. I am truly enjoying the spirit this year..... if I don't get back before Friday. have a very very Merry Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

a little spring in the winter...

knot sure I ever posted this photo from this past summer actually. feel like a little sunshine at this moment. this will be its reflection at the moment. I sit passing time just totally relaxing after studying all week for a test in class this morn. I feel confident I did well on the test, but then came home to finally look at the study guide for the major final exam and fell out of my bring it on. I'm ready to tackle whatever this Practitioner class has for me. at least for now I'm ready. although it's my goal to become the spiritual counselor, it's really the journey that is best of all. such growth and change for me, but It's all Good. in another week we will break for class for the holidays givng me at least a full week of knot doing anything for class. I'm ready for the down time. hope to take photos and read a book that's knot class related. I'll also have all my Jeep repairs done by then, so maybe a day trip somewhere provided it's knot too cold. regardless, I look forward to the fun. I've been too serious lately. all study and no play-bah humbug.....and for once I'm lookin' forward to the holidays. and I haven't had much of the holiday blues this year which I am very thankful. Life is change and good things and people are coming my way. Let's hope the New Year brings the same too. I've made my list for the coming year too. it can only get better.....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

an award

I received an award from Julie (Julia Photo Journey) a few days ago. Thank you Julie. so now is my turn to return the blessing. the rules are simple:

1. Tell your readers how your journey into blogging began. Be as verbose or shy as you like.
2. Pick 3-5 fellow bloggers whom you adore and write what exactly it is you value about that person or their blog. This is a chance to really appreciate your blog friends who have been there with and for you through thick & thin.
3. Let the blessed winners know they have been awarded.

First, I started blogging about 5 years ago. my roommate at the moment had suggested blogging on the internet. I was fairly new to a computer as it was and this was a way to connect to others. I had no idea what I was going to say or write about, so I began to scribble. now 5yrs and counting, maybe more, I enjoy sharing my photos and insights to my experiences in life.

Now although I've chosen a few below, there are others who'd I love to give the award to also. bloggers have come and gone but there have been a few who have remained....

first I give this award to Chie @ Chie Muses. she lives in Europe and I love her blog and she always stops in to say hello. she tells her story through her pictures and words surrounding what's going on in her life which always brightens my day. stop by and visit her.

second, I give this award to Lori @ Purple Snapdragons. Lori loves to do artsy things and always doing her projects which are fun. she also writes about her cats and ferret(s) which are also a delight.

third, I love Jeannette @ Outside Looking In whom lives in England. she provides constant updates of her daily family life and provides wonderful photos of her famiily and beautiful surroundings.

as an Honorable Mention, I would like to note the blog Nikon Sniper who posts photos numerous times a day. I love looking at these photos to study to improve mine. plus i get an idea or two.

last but knot least, I give great thanks back to Julie who gave me this award. I love her journal as well with great photos and stories about what's happening in Iowa. she's a great friend and photographer as well.

You all deserve these awards. enJOY them. and pass them along. have fun. much gratitude for being a blogger friend. hugz

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

charlie brown christmas

my all time favorite Christmas movie....enjoy it in its entirety. about 20mins long....

Monday, December 7, 2009


meet Snowflake (pictured above). she's a stray cat that has wondered again into our church. she visited only a few weeks ago for which I took her to a vet hospital to see if she had a microchip. sure enough she did and they kept her to return her to her owners. well last night while we had a jazz concert @ our church, here she came again. once she gets there, she doesn't leave no matter how many attempts to get her to go home. so not knowing her owners number (I didn't keep that info), I brought her home with me last night. she's a very friendly kitty, but I'm knot sure I want to keep her. I will attempt again to find her owners, and keep her info for sure should they retrieve her. I don't know my Boo (rottie) likes cats. even my Jimmy barked at her thru the window which I thought at least he'd be harmless. only time will tell. it's been a nice visit if nothing else. at the moment, I'm just waiting for the vet hospital to open to see if they can still retrieve her info or if they still have it on file. so we'll see what happens to Snowflake. I'll keep you posted. another adventure unfolding for sure...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Pray for
Plant a
And sing
-author unknown

it is a blessed day filled with friends and quiet time. I feel blessed despite the painful scars of the past but from whence I learn and grow. much wisdom is learned through the pain. I recognize the sameness in others as I recognize those same emotions within me. who would have thought that one can knot truly know love without knowing hate. i didn't at least. to me love is behind the hate, but one must get thru the mud before knowing the beauty at it's highest peak. as winter is on the horizon, sometimes here already, it is in that quiet solitude new seeds begin to grow out of the darkness of life. winter a place to recollect, reflect, embrace and move forward all that you are and have ever been. spring will come forth and bring new life to change and evolve into that much more. i amaze myself at times recognizing my inner wisdom from experiences past. yet there's so much more for me to learn. a New Year will bring forth another beginning stretching me beyond the horizon. most is Unknown to me and only time will tell what's in store....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

scary late...

so this morn I ordered another collage poster of photos from our Harvest Fest last month to hang in our social hall at church. it dawned on me tonight, and as i browsed back thru my blog, that I did knot post the best Halloween costume of the day...pictured above....damn i've been busy. now Christmas is almost here so will start soon with those photos when i get them. just wanted to shre this one with you. i really get a kick out of him....

Monday, November 30, 2009

cleanin' house

Good Mornin'! the sun is rising and I sit with my brew vegging on my pc here. just catchin' up with sum blogs. in doing so I also deleted sum that I was following. i had started following sum because of their photos but sum of them blog daily and i'd miss my regular following, although i'm knot on here daily nowadays. busy with class as usual. right now workin' on a paper due in it soon. thoughts on paper but knot finished...anyways, it's nice veggin' this morn to rest me brain. in the meantime, i took the above photo the first of this month @ our Harvest Festival. this little girl stole my heart. her parents allowed me to post her on our church's website so i figured i could do so here as well. she's absolutely adorable. a bright of sunshine when i see her.......i had a great Thanksgiving visiting friends that evening. during the day i vegge with a book and football. the book was for the paper. this last week i was off totally from class and less work too. it's been nice and relaxing for once in awhile now. i even put up my purple Christmas tree already, which is unusual for me. anyways, it's been nice chillin' for a few days. now back focusing on class homework and all it entails. It's all Good. Life is better for now. no blues for a week either. i'm ecstatic about that. got to see my therapist during that time too. she's always so helpful. again, Life is Good right now. I am blessed and thankful for all that i have.....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

kilroy was here

it's Thanksgiving eve. I just finished editing sum photos in photoshop and was reminded of Kilroy. Kilroy made it on the side of an ol' Army jeep or truck. looks about how I feel at the moment only wanting to edge my head out. but all is well. this month's has been a lot of blues. Thank God for my therapist to patch me back up and move me along. saw her today. so now I'm ready for Turkey day. spending the evening with new friends. shall be interesting with this shy self. other than that, I'm chillin' for the entire day before hand. the weather has been beautiful for the 50s, but colder weather is just before us and it isn't officially winter yet. Life is good otherwise. the more I play with my photos, the more I want to play photographer. just did a project for our church the other night thanks to it turned out great. now hanging on the wall in our foyer. can't wait for class to be finished because then I'm doing nothing but photographs for awhile. all fun in the sun for the meantime, another road trip is on the horizon for shootin' photos. as soon as next week. will post asap....for now, I'll sign off until tomorrow...

fast cars

my dream car should I ever give up on my Jeeps.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Color Carnival #30

hope this isn't a repeat, but here is my photo 4 Color Carnival this week. since this will be the last one for awhile, hopefully I can get out to shoot more colorful shots. I know I'll have a little time off from class soon as well as next month for the holidays. just to get out and take more photos will be nice regardless. that will happen in between homework. need to read a book, then write a paper for class this next week. but should be able to have sum fun time soon. in the meantime, don't forget to see more colorful shots over @ Color Carnival>>>>go to my side bar and click on Color Carnival>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

kewl ride!

Monday, November 16, 2009

my kind of truck

well I could go for this truck just to cruise around in the city....'s been awhile since I posted, or so it seems. the weather here as turned cold but still slightly on the warmer side compared to other places in the states. it's been a struggling month for me, but I'm hangin' in there. sometimes I just want to hit the road and don't come back no more no more. but here I stay. this week I hope to get into the mountains again. that's been awhile too. been delaying that because of jeep repairs. still more to come, but I think she'll be fine to at least climb the back side of the mountain. it has snowed up there and I"d like some photos of it for once. in the meatime, I'm busy with work and class. that's about all I"m doin'. ready for a road trip as soon as ALL the repairs are done on the Jeep. so about Christmas time. can't believe the holidays are upon us already, just round the corner that is. look forward to the down time that comes with it. hopefully get out to the mountains then too. so ready for a break in Life. any get away I can....well that's it for now. more in the days to come....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Color Carnival....a salute to our Veterans!

another salute to our Veterans....from the parade....these are my gay brothers and sisters who served in our Armed Forces. such courage to march in pride with other Veterans...don't forget to enjoy other Color Carnival photos. click on the side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


so, this guy reminds me of MacArthur, or was it somebody else who had the pipe? anyways, tonight I had my free steak dinner @ Applebee's. THANK YOU Applebee's for remembering us today...anyways, I sat at the bar because the place was just packed. it was suppose to be an hour wait and since it was just me tonight, the bar was perfect seating. well no sooner had I sat, the gentlemen next to me left.. well immediately upon him leaving his chair, an older woman and 'younger' man seated themselves. well lo & behold, this 'older' woman, in her 70s at least, was a Veteran. I would have loved to hear her stories. was she from the MacArthur era? I have no clue. I would have asked, but the 'younger' man (still older than me), seemed to command her attention. what an honor to even come across a WOMAN who served long time ago. the younger man said something about WWII. was that the time women here in the states served initially? my history/herstory is slipping my mind. my goodness, women serving back then was their own chapter. what a moment tonight for me. so that topped my day. any history buffs can update me on this if you'd like. right now I have to do homework. so maybe in the next few days, I can go google women and WWII. .....more parade photos soon....

Veteran's Day

GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.... I went to the Veteran's Day Parade. here are a few photos I captured. more to come....Thank You Applebee's for our free meal today and recognizing our Veterans!....

Saturday, November 7, 2009


99% of the time when I capture my "brother" in a photo, his eyes are closed. here he is doin' it still a great brother.....anyways, this afternoon I had a great visit with a new friend. we've been workin on havin' coffee for a week, when alas, today was the day, although it was more than coffee. met her at a VCA Animal Hospital to support her while her dog is in there. then we headed off to BW3 otherwise known truly as Buffalo Wings. didn't even know it was just down the street so to speak from me. great place. great wings. will go there again just to hang out and watch football games, or other sports. it was great getting to know a new friend. met her at church. she's fairly new to NM too, but moved from Kentucky from whence she's from. had to get to know another Kentucky birthplace=Kentucky! anyways, I now have someone new to hang out with and potential to meet even more people through her. there are a few other new people at church which she indicated will be getting together in time. i'm invited and look forward to expanding my arena of friendships and socializing. secret: I haven't done a lot of socializing but with a rare few friends. so I look forward to expanding my horizon. who knows maybe eventually meet a potential mate. anyways, this afternoon was great for me too since I've had the blues today again. great way to take away the blues. great conversation with great to unwind some more tonight....have a blessed day/evening....week!


C.C. #28...more halloween

more from our Harvest Festival last weekend for my Color Carnival this week. be sure to visit other photos ...see my sidebar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

i see dead people...

so a little Halloween @ church day started with the above line in a sports news item. cracked me up. great way to start a pretty good day. we had the Harvest Festival today put on by our Youth group including a Haunted House. lots of fun for the kids, big & small..& those so called adults photos to come. for now it's off to continue with the World Series. who knows who will win this series the way things keep changing so quickly in these games....have a great one!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


may you have a FRIGHTFULLY HALLOWEEN night....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Color Carnival #27

so this is my Color Carnival for this week. pulled it out of my archives. of course these archives are only a few months old. it's time I get out and take more photos. this Sunday will be an opportunity @ church provided a lot of people wear their Halloween costumes. the Karaoke group came in tonight with theirs, but I didn't think to bring the camera. it was a rough day for me today, but I got thru it. felt better once I got to work and did something. now the catcher tonight is to get to sleep.....anyways, the past couple days have been cold winter days and it's only October. we've only hit a high about 45degrees which is a typical winter day here. this year's weather has been really odd all year long. but thankfully, this weekend we're back up to the mid 60s. I hope it lasts awhile before we get this cold again. not sure I want winter to arrive with 2 days like this already. we even had snow here in the mtns and here next to the mtns @ my place. brrrr....anyways, it's been a week of sorts. nothing much exciting happening but the World Series. I'm having a boring life right now. things are finally slowing down a bit at church. I'm catching up on much needed rest...and that's about it for now. Life is still Good!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Color Carnival #26

this is my CC for this week. something simple for now. will need to go find more photos soon, but it has gotten a bit cold this week. like the idea of staying inside, warm & cozy. it has finally slowed down a bit @ church, but long days on Sundays with our leadership meetings. it's interesting but will see if it helps bring our community together more. I sure hope so. otherwise, in the meantime, I'm just chillin' in my hovel. need to get going on myhomework for class this week. doing a lot of soul searching about becoming a spiritual counselor. It's all good. new growth, expansion and change for me. more than I thought would be.....fall is here and it's almost Halloween. been wondering what I would do on Halloween, but the World Series Baseball will be happening that, I'll be watching it..unless I should get a hot date, but nothing on the horizon for that at the moment. anyways, next Sunday if I'd like, I can dress up for church. there will be activities that day including a Haunted House the kids are putting on. should be loads of fun..i just remembered, I need to take my camera that day. taking photos is always fun for me. any who, I'm off. much to do with other photos right now too. I'm ready for a soon as my Jeep repairs are done...SOON!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

prayers for Matt

I'm requesting prayers for my nephew Matthew. I learned late last night that his platoon was attacked in Afghanistan about a week or so ago leaving 8 dead. Matt was seriously injured and is on his way back from Germany for recovery. this attack was in the headlines. keep Matt and all the troops in your prayers please. I have another nephew headed to Afghanistan soon. God Bless our Troops!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a cool one today..

it's a coool one today. actually a bit cold. only a high of 49 degrees today which is a 25+ drop from yesterday. northern New Mexico has a chance of snow already. it's knot Halloween already. that's when this chill usually rolls in. no sunshine today. totally overcast in rainy clouds. a good day to stay home, but I have errands for half the day. will be zipping in & out of the jeep. brrrr! knot ready for this. the weather has been soooo beautiful this past week. absolutely gorgeous. even went for a hike a few days ago. but tomorrow it's suppose to warm back up a little anyways. knot much happening in my life. just class and watchin' the ballgames. also still puttering around with jeep repairs. will be ecstatic when all that is done. otherwise, it's pretty darn quiet around here. nothing new. It's all Good. I've needed the rest lately. so until I see you, have a blessed day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Earma!

here they are....Earma my DIL & Edie! come back soon...I miss you!

duck again..

another wood duck. I just find them so absolutely beautiful. the photo still doesn't do it justice although it's a great capture. this one taken while at the zoo with Earma & Edie, my grandbaby. I wonder how they are doing. o yes, it's Earma's birthday today. I miss them...well with them in mind, I'm posting their pic the meantime, I'm still pooped tired from work. I spend so much time there nowadays, but that's all changing 1 Nov. I can hardly wait. easy lane down the highway. hurry up November!

Friday, October 16, 2009

come & gone...CC #25

the Balloon Fiesta has come and gone. I didn't make it out there after all, but still plenty of photos to share from b4.....another one for Color Carnival. don't forget to visit other colorful photos via the link on my side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, October 15, 2009

back 2 MATSIKO.....

wonderful cool morn. sittin with my brew pondering what 2 do today. then I remembered I need to finish up the MATSIKO photos. done editing (I think), but for now time to decide which photos to put on disk. so think I'll do that today while listening to sum's been quiet for me lately. knot much to post about. enjoying the serenity and solitude. haven't been out shooting photos lately. mostly resting up from all the events @ our church on the weekends. another one coming this weekend. then alas, no more for awhile. then maybe I can take a road trip. still working on those jeep repairs though. will think of somewhere to go soon. need a break from class already and it just started. was having second thoughts about it last night. will see if I finish this. shall be interesting to say the least. learn something new every day. time for a break. well I'm off....have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I love to watch how birds
soar on the wind.
There appears to be such
little effort, yet such joy.

I want to become like a bird
and let my spirit soar
on the winds that are blowing
through my life.

I will not be crushed against
the rocks!
I will sense the rhythm, the
flow, and react accordingly.
I will trust my inner guide.

-Judith Garrett Garrison
and Scott Sheperd

Monday, October 12, 2009

Color Carnival #24

ok, late and knot the best photo, but here is my Color Carnival for this week. these are sum of our new banners @ church. each symbol on the banner represent a different religious culture. the Science of Mind, our philosophy, is the bottom one with the V. we have a total of 8 banners from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Jewish and other religions. they hang in front of our church's sanctuary. our philosophy incorporates these different religions and recognizes all faiths around the world. (the lighting in this photo is knot the best and doesn't show truly how bright these banners are).....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

pet blessings...

so..besides the MATSIKO kids this past weekend, we had a pet blessing day in honor of St Francis. we were visited by the owl posted above. Beautiful bird! we had plenty of dogs and a few cats that Rev Julie and Practitioners blessed on Sunday. it was a busy weekend to say the least. but alas, I'm rested and ready for a lighter weekend ahead. I'm almost done with the Matsiko photos. editing in photoshop all done, just need to decide which ones to burn on a cd for a few people. will work on that this Saturday afternoon/evening sometime. look forward to more down time for a little while at least. Fall is here and Change is too. it usually happens for me like this. I hope it slows down soon...