Thursday, December 10, 2009

an award

I received an award from Julie (Julia Photo Journey) a few days ago. Thank you Julie. so now is my turn to return the blessing. the rules are simple:

1. Tell your readers how your journey into blogging began. Be as verbose or shy as you like.
2. Pick 3-5 fellow bloggers whom you adore and write what exactly it is you value about that person or their blog. This is a chance to really appreciate your blog friends who have been there with and for you through thick & thin.
3. Let the blessed winners know they have been awarded.

First, I started blogging about 5 years ago. my roommate at the moment had suggested blogging on the internet. I was fairly new to a computer as it was and this was a way to connect to others. I had no idea what I was going to say or write about, so I began to scribble. now 5yrs and counting, maybe more, I enjoy sharing my photos and insights to my experiences in life.

Now although I've chosen a few below, there are others who'd I love to give the award to also. bloggers have come and gone but there have been a few who have remained....

first I give this award to Chie @ Chie Muses. she lives in Europe and I love her blog and she always stops in to say hello. she tells her story through her pictures and words surrounding what's going on in her life which always brightens my day. stop by and visit her.

second, I give this award to Lori @ Purple Snapdragons. Lori loves to do artsy things and always doing her projects which are fun. she also writes about her cats and ferret(s) which are also a delight.

third, I love Jeannette @ Outside Looking In whom lives in England. she provides constant updates of her daily family life and provides wonderful photos of her famiily and beautiful surroundings.

as an Honorable Mention, I would like to note the blog Nikon Sniper who posts photos numerous times a day. I love looking at these photos to study to improve mine. plus i get an idea or two.

last but knot least, I give great thanks back to Julie who gave me this award. I love her journal as well with great photos and stories about what's happening in Iowa. she's a great friend and photographer as well.

You all deserve these awards. enJOY them. and pass them along. have fun. much gratitude for being a blogger friend. hugz


Jeannette said...

Oh, thank you so much for the award. I have not got time to pass it on until the weekend as tomorrow we have the workmen, furniture being delivered, a leaking radiator being replaced etc. etc. I will try and do something over the weekend but thank you once again for picking me, what a lovely surprise.

Jeannette said...

OK, I made the time to do it tonight. I have done an entry with my choices but bent the rules a little and chose six, could have been many more. Hard to pick some and not others when I love all the journals I read. Thank you once again.

Lori said...

You are so sweet. Thank you so much for this award. It really made my day.

Now I just need to figure out how to pass it along :)

Another thing I'm enjoying about this is it's always nice to hear about great blogs we may not have seen before. This was one thing that was good about Jland that I miss. ((holiday hugs)) lori

Lori said...

how do I post the pictures for this? just cut and paste?