Saturday, June 27, 2009

CC # ?

here's another Color Carnival. i'm losing track of which number it is..again another Balloon Fiesta photo. scanning them again i realized i have loads of color in these photos....

anyways, it's saturday morn. waiting on Fed Ex to stop by with a package i ordered. they attempted yesterday but the sender forgot to put the apartment number on it. so they called this's a cloudy day. although rain is knot in the forecast it could very well do so. it seems Monsoon season is hear already. it's been wet this spring and we're barely into summer and it's still wet. it's nice and refreshing for sure though. got soaked in it yesterday standing at the parking meter for 2 once Fed Ex gets here i want to take a hike. may even hike in the rain. need sum solitude time in nature today. i just don't know when Fed Ex will be here. for now, i'll read a book. almost finished with The Shack. knot sure what i think about it thus far so will decide upon completion. the sunshine just peeked thru. let's hope it stays that way.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

my brother

O i'm playin sum more in adobe photoshop. finally figured out how to type on the photos, but have yet to figure out how to make the text bigger. just getting it on took me an hour or longer. that's enough learning for the anyways, this is my "brother" Stephen. wonderful man with a BIG heart. if you look closely you can see the typing i did on the photo. more learning tomorrow. time to get rollin for my day right now...have a great one!

before and after???

so...this is the entrance of our church. the top photo is the original. the bottom is after adobe photoshop. tell me which one you like better? .......
right now it's 1am in the morn. fell asleep and woke up in the mid of the night. so i took a sleeping pill. tryin 2 fall asleep, i remembered i hadn't downloaded these photos. so here i am playin in adobe photoshop while still half asleep. a few weeks ago our minister opened the arena for anyone to come take photos around the church. we need photos of knot only our building but as well as events, classes and services while they're going on. we're going 2 use them for our website they're redesigning right now. i was reminded of this opportunity @ dinner with the Youth Minister. so anyways, tonight I took my camera in and started with the building. got a couple good photos with the right natural light, but this particular photo had the best clouds behind it. rain clouds moved in & out this evening so i used them for soft lighting. however at this moment with this original photo, the sun stuck it's head out behind the cloud. anyways, i waited for sunset to arrive only for rain clouds to open up and pour buckets of rain. i swear monsoon season is here already keeping us cool and the heat at bay. it's a delight. i stood with the doors open and eventually stepped out into the rain once it lightened up. i love liquid sunshine especially in the desert. so refreshing and the scent of the air is magnificent... alas, a wonderful evening much to my delight!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

an adjustment in photoshop

this is from Tent Rocks. i played in Adobe Photoshop with it this morn to dim the lighting. from the middle to the right side of this photo was whitewashed. i like the contrast too that came forth after adjusting it. interesting tho, i need to play in adobe photoshop more so i can remember how to get there from here..point A> this was only my second time in it. would love to play all day on here today but need to do a few things before work tonight. so i'll think of a day each week to go play in it so i can get the hang of it and learn all that it encompasses. anyways, hope you enjoy the photo! have a great one!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wunderful dinner

so tonite i had a wunderful dinner at sum new friends' house. that would be our Youth Minister and her husband's place. they're vegetarians and dinner was delicious. i do like vegetarian dishes from time to time. nice change of pace. so we sat outside while a storm was brewing until it started to rain. once inside they showed us his work, an original computer programming design he created and is working on 2 accounts overseas. it was a lovely evening. got so relaxed i started yawning early. their youthful energy was a great pleasure to be around. we talked sum church, but lots of other things too. she manages our bookstore/gift shop and told me they've sold a lot of my knote kards lately. so we'll check to see if i need to make anymore or not. also they reminded me that anyone with a camera can go in and take photos of the church and activities. photos are needed for our new website so i told them as soon as i get a new flash..which might be next week...i'll go and take sum photos. actually will start tomorrow with just outside photos of our building. we have no photos of this place since we moved in 2 yrs ago. so, it'll be lots of fun shooting photos-as long as i don't put any pressure on myself. sometimes i do that and don't like what i shoot. so anyways, i'll intend to just go have fun. once i get the flash, i'll go inside...i'm always up to more photo shooting. could possibly use sum of them for sum of the memes here as well....anyways, i'm tired for sum reason...maybe the rain. today was good. i know tomorrow will be even better...

p.s. i decided to post another Balloon Fiesta photo. looking at them lately, i like what i've captured in sum of the photos.

double double trouble tuesday.

thought i'd post 2 photos for Double Trouble Tuesday.......'s been a quiet mornin'...and evening last night...stayin' in solitude for a little while. will go for a hike today and try and do that every day now that i don't have my bike. when i had the bike i just wanted to be on the bike-loads of fun. but alas, maybe i can get into conditioning for the Grand Canyon this fall after all. knot sure if i'm going there this fall, but hey i can start conditioning anyways. there are 3 places i want 2 go this fall=Hawaii, Grand Canyon & 4-wheelin' in Colorado. if i can come up with the money for Hawaii, i'll go there. also need to find out how long my son and his family will be there once he gets back from Iraq. he may ship out once he gets back or he may stay there another 90days before departing. so if money and his timetable come together, I'll take the opportunity 2 go 2 Hawaii since i've never been (& don't know when else I'll ever go). so we'll see...also my DIL & grandbaby will be here in August it looks like. so that's another factor that may be considered in the decision making. right this moment i'm too foggy to think much about anything. just taking each day as it comes at the moment. It's all good. no hurry about anything or anyone...Life goes on....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

don't believe i did it...

...but i did it. i sold my bike today. the guy came with cash in tow. i have mixed feelings about it, but i know it's all good. so now i'll just put a sunroof in my Jeep and let fresh air blow in every window. I've got a Jeep Cherokee which is good for my dogs and me. i'll be taking her 4-wheelin sometime soon back at Lil Moab, then maybe to Colorado this fall. anyways, i'll miss the bike, but i'm moving forward as i need to do so. i'm pretty darn sure there'll be another bike in a couple years, maybe sooner. for now i'll sleep on it. another road trip tomorrow. We're headed back north to Jesse's place to spread his ashes. his sister is in town for the trip. tonite it was a "wedding" for my gay brother and his partner. whew, lots of emotions this weekend. i'll need monday to rest and regroup. Life changes seem to be always happening. can i slow it down? i think a night of camping somewhere would be great about right now. i'll start working on that soon, very soon.
...anyways, the above pic is from Tent Rocks. one that wasn't too bright and the reason they're called Tent Rocks. ...yep, it's time for nature, lots of it....

early in the mornin

so it's early saturday morn....i just read sum clues of getting old @ Julie's journal and sure enough up @ 6 a.m. is one of those here i am up early again. seems to be the norm nowadays. it is overcast and rain is in the forecast. looks like for sure it'll be liquid sunshine today. hope it keeps things cool today after the hot one today.....anyway, the above photo i took yesterday while on the hike. i love the clouds and took several of these photos. this scene can be a typical scene throughout New Mexico. i'm usually aw struck seeing the clouds and all the colors of the desert. very peaceful and relaxing.
...anyway, today the guy comes to look @ my bike. found out yesterday the cost of the oil leak repairs and will come down on the price if he'll take it as is. we'll see. i have a rock bottom price and will knot budge from it. invested too much into this bike and will only get a fraction of those costs back. so we'll see what this guy does. right now i need to get dressed and go pick the bike up from the shop. get it before it rains. hopefully it won't rain until after the guy comes looks at it. i'm praying the liquid sunshine is a good sign for me today...

Friday, June 19, 2009

too bright!.

alas, i'm home from Tent Rocks. got some photos but most are too bright from the sun. so i'll have to doctor them in adobe photoshop before putting them here. there are a few that turned out ok as the sun was hidden by a cloud, but mostly it was sunny and hot today as we hiked that trail. a wind cooled us at times but i came home drenched in sweat as usual for this time of year. the above photo was a little guy i finally caught. first time i've ever was able to capture a lizard on digital. they're usually too quick to get them to stand still. think he was using the shade as a camouflage and i was right beside him. anyway, it was a good day nonetheless. my friend had not ever been there. we managed to hike to the top and slowing descending with a lunch break in between in some shade. i barely had enough water forgetting how thirsty i get in this meds make me that much thirstier too....anyway, made it down and right down the road was a little grocer with G2 Gatorade to replenish us. i grabbed a soda too for the caffeine. thank goodness cause i could have fallen asleep on the way home. we got our workout today but it was mostly the heat that drained us. now i'm home chillin. will be veggin in front of the tv in a sec. then it's a hot shower and an early to bed. another night of knot much sleep, darn it. hope to sleep soundly tonight. well until i see you again.....the next 2 days are very busy so it may be a couple days before i'm back....cya!

color carnival #6

so, this is my Color Carnival post for this week. i've been very busy this week otherwise it would have been posted earlier. but alas here is a pole at our zoo. there were numerous poles painted in various colors and schemes. the zoo here is just plain colorful....

so i sit this morn having my brew. ran out of coffee a few days ago and since i've been up and out the door just caught my coffee on the run. so alas i can sit quietly in my home enjoying the peace and quiet before the dawn of the day. don't know why i'm up so damn early. plus i didn't sleep that soundly with the dogs waking me up in the middle of the night fightin over a piece of paper. Good grief! i'm ready for a nap already but don't think i can do that. will try here in a moment but i've got a road trip today back to Tent Rocks. taking a friend who's a native New Mexican who has never been (and she's older than me). anyways, it'll be great to get back up there just to take a hike today. haven't been hiking in weeks and am ready for the adventure. will take my camera along of course looking for "new" photos i haven't taken there before. will post upon my return...

in the meantime, i got a call last night about my bike. the guy will come look at it tomorrow. interesting to me was on the way home from work last night and i contemplated that i might actually have it sold, i felt a relief within me. i'll miss it, but i won't miss my bills it will pay off. will get 2 major bills paid with the sell of it. the 2 largest of the small bills paid in full now in lieu of months from now. that will make me happy. plus alas, i took her into the shop yesterday to check an oil leak. think it's minor but needless to say that would be more money toward the bike if i don't sell her. right now i don't want to be spending any more money than necessary. i'm workin hard on my financial goals, so seeing a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel will be nice. i'll keep you posted should i sell her tomorrow. will i'm off. gotta kid barkin at me. she's the one that woke me so early this morn. goodness gotta love her...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lol..a trade

so, last nite i get a text message from some guy wanting to know if i'd trade for his truck. he sent a pic and i thought hmm, a truck, that would be nice for the church. but the catch is i'd have to take over payments. LOL i told him no thank you and why i was sellin' my bike to begin with, which was the reason he was trading/selling his we both anyway, i'm ridin' my bike over here to church this morn and i ask myself, are you crazy karen? too much fun on the bike. ok i am crazy. it's official. so i guess i've gotta keep up that rep. at least for now regarding this bike. i do..i don't.. want to sell it. yep i'm now if i'd win that lottery, it'd take care of everything!

Monday, June 15, 2009

no show

nor sure if i posted this photo yet. got it at the zoo too. time to go shootin photos again i'm running out of pics to post.....anyway, the young man who was supposed to come check out my bike was a no show. i called & left a message. will see if he shows up in the meantime this means i have the rest of the day off-Yippee! think i'll walk the dogs then get back to reading one of my books i'm reading. then again it's a nice day for a bike ride too. the sun is out and it's clear blue skies. i slept late so it's a late start for me. hmmm, what to do today is the question. i'm sure i'll think of something. lots to do, but i also feel like just chillin at home too. so..i'm goin 2 chill some how some way. have a great day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jess' stuff

so this is sum of Jess' stuff I've accumulated over the past several months. this is a jaw with teeth painted into art. i have another too painted red as you can see in the bottom right hand corner of this pic...
this is the buffalo carving he did of wood i mentioned in a recent post.....
this is the owl claw i bought from him while he was still around...
this would be a totem he had in his collection. except for the buffalo, he collected all these pieces along his journey and travels...that's him in the photo to the right for those new to my blog...also actually everything on this bookcase was his except for that bear fetish next to his pic.

in the meantime, it was a sleepy day for me. managed to get thru church and come home about 2:30 this afternoon. then home for a brief nap only because my DIL called to chat. since the rain clouds have moved in, i may finish that nap in a bit. in the meantime, i got a call on my motorcycle already. the young military guy, just back from Iraq he says, will be meeting me in the morn. he wants payment arrangements and only because he is in the military will i work with him. no how to handle that for sure should he default. so will see. i've also been getting emails, but they're just sales pitches to assist with finances. don't want that. just the cash as I told Earma (DIL), even if she comes this way, if i sell the bike and don't have a major adjustment to my finances, I'd like to fly that way anyways so I could see Hawaii before they ship out. so i'm keepin' my fingers crossed. I'm thinking positively on my finances and know all will be fine.....for now, i'm goin' 2 go chill sum more....laterz!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

face is burnin'

O what a day! spent all day @ Sandy's for her estate sale here in town for more of Jesse's stuff. and boy did we sell loads today! the sale started @ 8am but i heard people were there at 6:30am. Sandy wouldn't sell a thing nor give out prices until 8 thank goodness. think i arrived at 7:30 to help out and there were loads of people waiting. her garage was stacked wall to wall with more of his stuff. so much so you coudn't walk in there literally. not one step available. and it's a 2 car garage. when we reloaded this afternoon, you could see the garage and walk in it for once in months. i was there all day til we wrapped up and closed the garage doors. sat in the sun but despite a hat for half the day, my face and forearms got red. it was a bit overcast but i tend to forget on those days the sun burns that much more easily. i survived. had to take a wet rag to my face once i got home. then i felt the heat. anyways, it was a good day. of course i can home with more stuff. little stuff this time except for one piece of art which i'll go pick up next week. i did get one of his carvings. he carved stone, but this piece was wood of a buffalo made out of a tree limb. the tail is barely hanging on, but hey i like it. it was all good today. a great way to spend sum time with friends at church.
once i got home, i relaxed for a bit. i was even too tired to type on here until now. so once re-engergized, i decided to put my motorcycle on craigs list again. i brought down the price after learning i had a lot of miles on it. didn't think it was too many miles, but the guys at the shop told me yesterday i had lots. so anyways, the idea of selling it is to prepare in case i lose sum of my govt benefits. i'll pay a bill or two off with the money and will cut some major debt. i'd rather prepare now in lieu of just keeping my head above water laterz. so, will see if it sells now. it's been a blast, but i need to use sum wisdom here. only time will tell of what my future holds. i still have my jeep and still can have loads of fun with it. it's been parked these past 4 summers because i've been on the bike. need the car over the bike first....i bought a lottery ticket tonight. i'm prayin' i i'm going for the gold!! will find it someway somehow, just as long it shows up!! i'm keeping my head up despite the blues hangin around. now it's time to rest before church tomorrow. goodness what a day!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Be like the bird
That, pausing in her flight
Awhile on boughs too slight,
Feels them give way
Beneath her and yet sings,
Knowing that she hath wings--victor hugo

Thursday, June 11, 2009

good day after all!

turned out to be a good day after all. went to work early to put together our new vacuum. it arrived today. then vacuumed since it was the day to do so. it worked really good. happy 'bout that. there was only one meeting tonight, so i got to come home early. woo hoo!! but being @work just really help me take my mind off troubles. it also relaxed and calmed me down. i'm just going to focus on NOW and not worry about something that may knot happen regarding my benefits. only time will tell about that. i have plan A, B, C & more ready should i lose some of my benefits. right now i just want to focus on other things and enjoy myself. working today put me in the right mood for that. sittin' listenin to music right now and will open my book to read in a second. the sun came out too with a wind but it turned out nice. onto a better tomorrow. much to do this weekend. more to keep my mind occupied. LIfe goes on....all is still good.

have i stumbled again?

I am taking full responsibility for my life.

a schooner sails the heavy seas, slicing through the swells. the captain mans the wheel, holding fast to the wooden spokes. one of his men calls directions, but mostly he sails by a child, i felt like i was on a ship battered by a stormy raging sea beacause my parents, the captains of the family, abandoned their posts. as a recoviering adult, my life is still a vayage-one of discovery. i am discovering the core issues that prevent me from enjoying life and the specific fears that inhibit the achievement of my full potential. i am discovering my motivations so that i can make clear decisions about life, directing my own schoooner on a safe voyage. it is a comfort to my inner child that i am becoming an expert navigator. all of my discoveries help me to take full responsibility for my life......just like the captian who will not leave his post when his schooner hits rough seas, i will knot abandon myself when the seas of life threaten to overwhelm me.
-Rokelle Lerner-Affirmations for the Inner Child

i sit this morn still knot feeling together after the past 3 days. i am worried about my financial situation. the govt supplement i receive may be in jeopardy i learned a couple days ago and therefore "may" lose a substantial amount of income. i say may because the woman wasn't sure she was reading the material right. plus i had another interpretation a few months ago which indicated that i was fine with this supplement. i'm allowed to earn only so much a month. anything substantial over that i can do for only so many months, then i'd lose some of my benefits. so at the moment i don't know if i'll lose some of it. dont' know if i've gone over my limit too many times. i went over intentionally a few times trying to return to work on a regular basis. trying to see if i could do it again. it's been hard to fully accept my medical retirement although it was much needed from the p.o. but working gives you so much more than idle time. one's sense of purpose, identity, value and more are all connected while working-or so i feel. my voyage the past 3 1/2yrs since retiring has been rough waters. but then again since the illness began 15yrs ago has been rough waters. all i can do now is wait to see if i receive "official" word from the govt as to whether i lose sum benefits. i'm trying knot to kick myself in the butt only to have compassion and understanding, but it doesn't make me feel a whole lot better. the tides may turn, then again they may knot. only time will tell of my destiny.....

in the meantime, i learned of an online photography school. i'm checking into that. will wait first to pay in full a few bills. but it sounds exciting. something i can do at home at my own pace.....may the sun come out and shine again today. it's overcast again this morn but no rain predicted. i like this book mentioned above. it is what i need right now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

rain, rain, go away!

this is about how i feel this morn. ugh. it's raining outside and i've got the blues. have them a couple days now. knot sure when i've had 'em this bad for awhile now. or i've had 'em but haven't paid attention to them. memory knot serving me well right now....anyway, i could use sum sunshine right now, literally. yesterday it was overcast but didn't rain. Madison was my sunshine for the day. spent a couple hours with her & Marsha which helped temporarily but as soon as i left the blues were noticeable. i also have a couple other things on my mind that i'm worried about. only time will tell how those things will be taken care of. so today will be another busy day to keep my mind off things and my blues. listening to music at the moment which is assisting but i just don't like feelin' this way...blues, blues, go away!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I accept the transitions in my life.

today i will let go of my obsessive need to resolve immediately all that is unresolved in my life. i will be patient and trust that the outcome, whatever it is, will be in my best interest....yet life is not always painted in black & white. many issues fall inside the gray zone, where issues cannot be immediately resolved and loose ends dangle in an untidy mess. i know that the next step i must take along my path toward personal growth involves learning to live in the gray zone. i will give up my demand that all my life situations be quickly resolved. even when i cannot predict the outcome of a situation, i will trust that all will be well. today i will be comfortable living with transitions.
-Affirmations For the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner

so this is one of the books i picked up @ our book sale on sunday. today i finally opened it. this is the lesson for today and so what i needed to read. the irony is i just noticed this book is for Adult Children of Alcoholics. my father was an alcoholic....goodness, Spirit works even when i'm not noticing...

Monday, June 8, 2009

double trouble?

does a pair of hot air balloons work for Double Trouble? it's a new meme over at Martha's. her son has created this new meme. play along if you like @

in the meantime, i went to a baseball game tonight. it was a good game although we lost and shouldn't have. we gave it away in the top of the 9th. anyways, loads of fun. killin' time before i can sleep. almost there. tomorrow is another day off...knock on wood...hope to enjoy this one. see you again soon.

indian blanket

Find the good. It's all around you. Find it. Showcase it And you'll start believing it. -jesse owens (?)

this flower i think is called Indian Blanket as a nickname. found it @ Bandelier Memorial Weekend. i remembered it while seeing Martha's latest flower on her page.....anyway, feeling a bit better this morn. time to head out the door....laterz!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

don't rent it..

so, i took this flower at the zoo too. still quite a few photos from the zoo to post. anyway, don't know the name of it, but i thought it was beautiful....

so, i decided to watch that movie Geisha Assassin. not what i was looking for. plus they didn't speak english nor were there any subtitles. i watched about a half hour and quit. what a waste of my money there. i wanted to know the story behind this geisha. no such luck.....i'll make sure all my movies are in english from now on....

anyway, i'm headed to bed early for once. still feel really tired from the emotional rollercoaster last week. the good and the bad showed up. has definitely affected my perspective on Life at the moment but to what extent i don't know yet. i'll be in a quiet mood for awhile until i can reflect all that's happened recently. the JOY of my grandbaby was great, but to learn that possibly domestic violence is on the home front too CHANGES everything for me. will share my thoughts when i get them together. just being with it all for now is enough. i don't know what shoes i've just stepped in, but i feel i just stepped into Bigger shoes. i'll know the clarity of that as time unfolds. one day at a time right now with a mixed bag of emotions...

20 books!!!..i can't believe

this was a just because photo tryin' to capture multitude of colors. may play with this one in Adobe Photoshop to see if i can sharpen the colors. but for right now i'm chillin', tryin' to decide whether to watch that movie i was going to watch last night and didn't. after gettin off line last night i noticed some WNBA basketball and the Phoenix Mercury were playing-my fav women's team. so i watched it instead. not sure i'm up for the movie tonight either. it's been a long day at the church. we had a book sale and i came home with 20 that's what i said. can't believe it myself but i did. @ 50 cnts or a dollar a piece i went to town. half of them are Tony Hillerman paperbacks. i had read one of his books over a decade ago and loved it so i wanted to get back to reading his stuff. well practically all of his books were there or so it seemed. i really don't know how many books he wrote. anyway, i loaded up on books today and manage to bring them home on my bike despite. of course the bag busted once i took it off the bike, but hey all safe on the way home....then i went back to church to take photos of some flowers as requested. i went back so i wouldnt have to go in the next 2 days while i'm off. well that didnt' work out. once back at the church, i learned that one of our main doors has problems. couldn't fix it tonight but it's secure enough for now. will go in the morn with Zephyr to see if we can fix it, otherwise i need to replace the whole door. we've had major problems with it constantly since i've been on board. not going to continue doing patch up jobs on it just so it aint' broke. this has gotten old. so i'm not off work tomorrow after all-Ugh!!! tonite i want a relaxing night. not sure an actioned filled martial arts movie will be relaxing. i have til thursday to watch it and return it, but my days are numbered. off to a baseball game tomorrow night. maybe tuesday since i'm off. the rest of the week is work nights. o well. will see. time to go chill however i decide to do that. will let you know about the movie once i watch it....cya laterz!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

can't sleep...another CC

so i can't sleep yet. sittin' waitin' on my sleepin' pill to kick in. so i reloaded some photos on my computer again. thinkin'' i only had fall foliage on the cd, lo & behold i also had my Balloon Fiesta photos on there too. so apparently i loaded these photos on 2 different cds-better safe than sorry i suppose. anyway, as they were loading here, i saw all the bright colors again. ah hah moment hit me and realized i can use these photos too for Color Carnival. so i'm posting this one here as an example. it's one of my favs. so now i have lots of CC photos to play if i could only sleep...and i have to be up early in the morn for a project @ church before the Sunday services begin. o boy!

2 in 1 meme

so I'm postin' 2 meme's since i missed all last week. the first photo here is for Color Carnival. is it time to play it soon? if nothing else, it's last week's posting.
this photo is for just because. all 3 of these photos taken at the zoo. i just loved these hangin in the african area. they were just uniquely different than anything i had seen.
last but not least, this is my Shadow Shot for this (&last) week's shoot. still need to get out and take some more shadow shots for future memes....we didn't get our road trip to Chimayo again due to cloudy weather again. i still can't believe the weather we are having this time of the year. only in the 80s. not that i'm complaining but where's the heat! we'd like a sun shining day for our trip. you know blue skies maybe with some billowy clouds, knot rain clouds.'s been a lazy day for me. i feel soooo tired today. slept late and then took a nap this evening. gettin' ready to start a movie. last movie i saw was Australia. this time i rented Geisha Assasin. i'm interested in the martial arts. will definitely be doing that hopefully starting next month, but no later than august/september. i'm going to do some research for my minister and i cuz she wants to take it too. so we'll probably take the classes together. it'll be great and loads of fun. anyway, i'm off for the movie...

got it loaded after all!!!

Got Adobe Photoshop loaded after all today on my computer. Yippee! now is the time to play especially since i didn't get to go on our road trip again today because of the weather again. dammit! but hey i slept all morning instead. guess i needed the sleep. need to load some more photos back on my pc and the program for my copier. but first a shower, some food, and maybe a bike ride. God i was soooo tired this morn when i woke. finally after putting my kids outside i could take a nap. it's now noon and time to start my day...

Friday, June 5, 2009

here she is!!!

ok, i lifted these from my DIL's facebook page. just saw the second one myself a moment ago. here is my grandbaby Erica Denise (Edie). i learned that her mom has given her the nickname Edie. she does resemble my son a little through the eyes and mouth her other grandma told me. i'm still sooo excited and can't wait to see her. i'll patiently wait for a couple months.
now, i got my computer back as you can tell. still having trouble with internet explorer at times so will download another browser. then it's off to work...tomorrow i'm off for that road trip finally to Chimayo for photos....btw, the adobe photoshop still didn't load. so in a couple weeks or so, i'll go buy it at Best Buy. right now i need to call my son & DIL. so i'll catch you again soon. i've been reloading programs all day on this pc, time for a break...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

be back soon!

well, tomorrow (friday), i get to bring home my computer. it's been ready since yesterday, but i don't get paid til tomorrow. i did pick up my check tonight while at work here, so i can head over to the bank first thing then pick it up. it'll give me some time to reload my programs that were wiped clean from the computer before work. the whole plate was wiped clean as far as i understood from the Geek Squad. also, the adobe photoshop i had recently acquired wouldn't load, so i'm hoping now that it's fixed it will load. anyway, i'm lookin' forward to having my pc back. didn't know it was so

in the meantime, my grandbaby and DIL are doing fine. Earma (DIL) will be loading some photos of her on MySpace tonight once she's home from the hospital. i can then lift them off her page and post them here for you. Earma & Kyle sent me a couple photos yesterday without her hat. she has some beautiful hair. i can't wait to see her. IF only i had learned of the cheaper flights in time enough to have been there, i would have. i know i will see her in a few months, but i'm anxiously awaiting. it feels so great to be a grandma! ....until i see you this weekend, take care!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Erica Denise arrived @ 7:48 a.m. local Hawaiian time. in @ 6lbs 15oz. got a pic of her on my phone this afternoon. she sure is beautiful! looks like her mother mostly, maybe a lil bit of my son but with a hat on her head and a pacifier in her mouth, hard 2 tell. anyway, i'm overwhelmed with JOY and Love. sure is something special to be a grandma!...

in the meantime i pick up my computer on friday. the programs arrived today. may be saturday before i have a chance to get on it with my busy schedule this friday. see you soon my friends!

Monday, June 1, 2009

she's on her way!!!

I'm at church late, like 10pm. monday night on the computer. my computer will be in the shop until friday at the earliest i can get it out. had to order a format program and waiting for its arrival tomorrow or wednesday. then once i get that program into the shop, it'll take 2-3days before it's done.

Now onto the VERY IMPORTANT stuff=my grandbaby is on her way. about 4hrs ago my DIL was induced into labor in lieu of this thursday. so now were just waitin and waitin and waitin. I watched the Women's College World Series Softball game for awhile with a friend. once it was over, all nerves hit so I decided to come to work and do the time sheets i forgot to do yesterday. this is a distraction. i'm so excited i can't sit still and i know she may not arrive until many hours later. how am i going to sleep? only time will tell. i'll stay awake til midnight, then take a sleepin pill. if that works. thank goodness i'm off work tomorrow. will go home and work some more on our duty schedule. something to do and keep myself busy while i'm anxious. good thing i'm home in lieu of Hawaii, they'd have to replace the floor after i wore it anyway, as soon as my computer is fixed and photos are posted on MySpace i'm guessing or emailed to me, i'll post her pic. anyway, i'm headed home. i'll get to your journals soon. i'll be using a friend's computer too this week to check email and such. miss you all. hugz!