Friday, June 19, 2009

too bright!.

alas, i'm home from Tent Rocks. got some photos but most are too bright from the sun. so i'll have to doctor them in adobe photoshop before putting them here. there are a few that turned out ok as the sun was hidden by a cloud, but mostly it was sunny and hot today as we hiked that trail. a wind cooled us at times but i came home drenched in sweat as usual for this time of year. the above photo was a little guy i finally caught. first time i've ever was able to capture a lizard on digital. they're usually too quick to get them to stand still. think he was using the shade as a camouflage and i was right beside him. anyway, it was a good day nonetheless. my friend had not ever been there. we managed to hike to the top and slowing descending with a lunch break in between in some shade. i barely had enough water forgetting how thirsty i get in this meds make me that much thirstier too....anyway, made it down and right down the road was a little grocer with G2 Gatorade to replenish us. i grabbed a soda too for the caffeine. thank goodness cause i could have fallen asleep on the way home. we got our workout today but it was mostly the heat that drained us. now i'm home chillin. will be veggin in front of the tv in a sec. then it's a hot shower and an early to bed. another night of knot much sleep, darn it. hope to sleep soundly tonight. well until i see you again.....the next 2 days are very busy so it may be a couple days before i'm back....cya!


John said...

Thanks for the kind words.I'll br greatful to get the reverse paid back and everything else,Lord Willing. Wowhow did you capture a shot of the lizard?? Is your son still serving in the military.Let me know so My kids(SUNDAY SCHOOL) can pray for him.
Take Care

Julie said...

Cool shot. I like lizards.