Saturday, June 20, 2009

early in the mornin

so it's early saturday morn....i just read sum clues of getting old @ Julie's journal and sure enough up @ 6 a.m. is one of those here i am up early again. seems to be the norm nowadays. it is overcast and rain is in the forecast. looks like for sure it'll be liquid sunshine today. hope it keeps things cool today after the hot one today.....anyway, the above photo i took yesterday while on the hike. i love the clouds and took several of these photos. this scene can be a typical scene throughout New Mexico. i'm usually aw struck seeing the clouds and all the colors of the desert. very peaceful and relaxing.
...anyway, today the guy comes to look @ my bike. found out yesterday the cost of the oil leak repairs and will come down on the price if he'll take it as is. we'll see. i have a rock bottom price and will knot budge from it. invested too much into this bike and will only get a fraction of those costs back. so we'll see what this guy does. right now i need to get dressed and go pick the bike up from the shop. get it before it rains. hopefully it won't rain until after the guy comes looks at it. i'm praying the liquid sunshine is a good sign for me today...

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Julie said...

I love the sky in the shot above. Very pretty. Hope the oil leak repair is reasonable.