Monday, June 8, 2009

double trouble?

does a pair of hot air balloons work for Double Trouble? it's a new meme over at Martha's. her son has created this new meme. play along if you like @

in the meantime, i went to a baseball game tonight. it was a good game although we lost and shouldn't have. we gave it away in the top of the 9th. anyways, loads of fun. killin' time before i can sleep. almost there. tomorrow is another day off...knock on wood...hope to enjoy this one. see you again soon.


Monica said...

I like the double hot air balloons. It certainly more of double than my entry. Looks like this was a lot of fun, thanks for sharing.

Martha said...

So pretty! I love hot air baloons. These are perfect for DOuble Trouble Tuesday! :-)

sunnymama said...

Fantastic picture!