Saturday, October 31, 2009


may you have a FRIGHTFULLY HALLOWEEN night....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Color Carnival #27

so this is my Color Carnival for this week. pulled it out of my archives. of course these archives are only a few months old. it's time I get out and take more photos. this Sunday will be an opportunity @ church provided a lot of people wear their Halloween costumes. the Karaoke group came in tonight with theirs, but I didn't think to bring the camera. it was a rough day for me today, but I got thru it. felt better once I got to work and did something. now the catcher tonight is to get to sleep.....anyways, the past couple days have been cold winter days and it's only October. we've only hit a high about 45degrees which is a typical winter day here. this year's weather has been really odd all year long. but thankfully, this weekend we're back up to the mid 60s. I hope it lasts awhile before we get this cold again. not sure I want winter to arrive with 2 days like this already. we even had snow here in the mtns and here next to the mtns @ my place. brrrr....anyways, it's been a week of sorts. nothing much exciting happening but the World Series. I'm having a boring life right now. things are finally slowing down a bit at church. I'm catching up on much needed rest...and that's about it for now. Life is still Good!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Color Carnival #26

this is my CC for this week. something simple for now. will need to go find more photos soon, but it has gotten a bit cold this week. like the idea of staying inside, warm & cozy. it has finally slowed down a bit @ church, but long days on Sundays with our leadership meetings. it's interesting but will see if it helps bring our community together more. I sure hope so. otherwise, in the meantime, I'm just chillin' in my hovel. need to get going on myhomework for class this week. doing a lot of soul searching about becoming a spiritual counselor. It's all good. new growth, expansion and change for me. more than I thought would be.....fall is here and it's almost Halloween. been wondering what I would do on Halloween, but the World Series Baseball will be happening that, I'll be watching it..unless I should get a hot date, but nothing on the horizon for that at the moment. anyways, next Sunday if I'd like, I can dress up for church. there will be activities that day including a Haunted House the kids are putting on. should be loads of fun..i just remembered, I need to take my camera that day. taking photos is always fun for me. any who, I'm off. much to do with other photos right now too. I'm ready for a soon as my Jeep repairs are done...SOON!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

prayers for Matt

I'm requesting prayers for my nephew Matthew. I learned late last night that his platoon was attacked in Afghanistan about a week or so ago leaving 8 dead. Matt was seriously injured and is on his way back from Germany for recovery. this attack was in the headlines. keep Matt and all the troops in your prayers please. I have another nephew headed to Afghanistan soon. God Bless our Troops!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a cool one today..

it's a coool one today. actually a bit cold. only a high of 49 degrees today which is a 25+ drop from yesterday. northern New Mexico has a chance of snow already. it's knot Halloween already. that's when this chill usually rolls in. no sunshine today. totally overcast in rainy clouds. a good day to stay home, but I have errands for half the day. will be zipping in & out of the jeep. brrrr! knot ready for this. the weather has been soooo beautiful this past week. absolutely gorgeous. even went for a hike a few days ago. but tomorrow it's suppose to warm back up a little anyways. knot much happening in my life. just class and watchin' the ballgames. also still puttering around with jeep repairs. will be ecstatic when all that is done. otherwise, it's pretty darn quiet around here. nothing new. It's all Good. I've needed the rest lately. so until I see you, have a blessed day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Earma!

here they are....Earma my DIL & Edie! come back soon...I miss you!

duck again..

another wood duck. I just find them so absolutely beautiful. the photo still doesn't do it justice although it's a great capture. this one taken while at the zoo with Earma & Edie, my grandbaby. I wonder how they are doing. o yes, it's Earma's birthday today. I miss them...well with them in mind, I'm posting their pic the meantime, I'm still pooped tired from work. I spend so much time there nowadays, but that's all changing 1 Nov. I can hardly wait. easy lane down the highway. hurry up November!

Friday, October 16, 2009

come & gone...CC #25

the Balloon Fiesta has come and gone. I didn't make it out there after all, but still plenty of photos to share from b4.....another one for Color Carnival. don't forget to visit other colorful photos via the link on my side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, October 15, 2009

back 2 MATSIKO.....

wonderful cool morn. sittin with my brew pondering what 2 do today. then I remembered I need to finish up the MATSIKO photos. done editing (I think), but for now time to decide which photos to put on disk. so think I'll do that today while listening to sum's been quiet for me lately. knot much to post about. enjoying the serenity and solitude. haven't been out shooting photos lately. mostly resting up from all the events @ our church on the weekends. another one coming this weekend. then alas, no more for awhile. then maybe I can take a road trip. still working on those jeep repairs though. will think of somewhere to go soon. need a break from class already and it just started. was having second thoughts about it last night. will see if I finish this. shall be interesting to say the least. learn something new every day. time for a break. well I'm off....have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I love to watch how birds
soar on the wind.
There appears to be such
little effort, yet such joy.

I want to become like a bird
and let my spirit soar
on the winds that are blowing
through my life.

I will not be crushed against
the rocks!
I will sense the rhythm, the
flow, and react accordingly.
I will trust my inner guide.

-Judith Garrett Garrison
and Scott Sheperd

Monday, October 12, 2009

Color Carnival #24

ok, late and knot the best photo, but here is my Color Carnival for this week. these are sum of our new banners @ church. each symbol on the banner represent a different religious culture. the Science of Mind, our philosophy, is the bottom one with the V. we have a total of 8 banners from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Jewish and other religions. they hang in front of our church's sanctuary. our philosophy incorporates these different religions and recognizes all faiths around the world. (the lighting in this photo is knot the best and doesn't show truly how bright these banners are).....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

pet blessings...

so..besides the MATSIKO kids this past weekend, we had a pet blessing day in honor of St Francis. we were visited by the owl posted above. Beautiful bird! we had plenty of dogs and a few cats that Rev Julie and Practitioners blessed on Sunday. it was a busy weekend to say the least. but alas, I'm rested and ready for a lighter weekend ahead. I'm almost done with the Matsiko photos. editing in photoshop all done, just need to decide which ones to burn on a cd for a few people. will work on that this Saturday afternoon/evening sometime. look forward to more down time for a little while at least. Fall is here and Change is too. it usually happens for me like this. I hope it slows down soon...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

missing them....

every time I see a photo...
my heart aches to see them again....
these are most of them from this visit...
each touching my heart in their own special way....
they are the faces of HOPE for the world right now.... was a relaxing day in different ways. no editing today (not yet anyways)...had a great session with my therapist this morn talking about something I really needed to discuss badly..then it was off to work for just a couple hours. my boss took me to lunch and we celebrated a change that was just created which resolved a problem I've been having at work. so I've been doing the Happy dance all day. then home and vegging on the couch in front of the groove tube. finally rested from this past weekend. feel refreshed and renewed. it's a quiet evening now in solitude. alas I feel at peace again for a little while now. I look forward to the days to come once again. fall is here and I welcome the change and changes that come with it, inside & out. I'm almost ready for winter to snuggle in and hibernate like a bear that I am at times. I've lasted thru the most recent storms in life. there are new chapters ahead. I wonder where life will lead me next. it's a great adventure. the journey continues....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sponsor a child....Matsiko Children's Choir

some of the boys performing....
from the Matsiko Children's Choir......
such spirited and talented kids!!!!
.....almost rested completely. I've been chillin the past couple days resting my body. today I did so by sittin' @ the computer editing in photoshop some of the 400 photos I took of these kids. a few deleted thus far. a few not needing touch ups. lots of editing, but plenty more to go. so the rest of the week, I'm editing these photos in hopes to print them and burn them on a cd to send off to this group to use however they choose. also creating some for others and myself too. doing all this in between working and homework for class. did I mention class finally started this last saturday? the past 3 weekends at church have been exhausting for me, but well worth it all. now hopefully back to 'normal' whatever that if you don't see me for a couple days again, I'm still editing. that's more than enough time on the computer. I'll be checkin' in as much as possible....don't forget to view the websites I posted in the previous entry to know about sponsoring a child. the kids need it. the world needs it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


from Uganda...

The Matsiko Children's Choir....
.......Wonderful children for the past 4 days here @ Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living (ACSL), our church. BREATH TAKING!!! Moved me to tears many times over....more to come....I'm a little exhausted at the moment....for more info on these children and what they're doing....icnchildren....MATSIKO.....I just LOVE these children!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Balloon Fiesta..color carnival

good mornin'! just a quick entry for Color Carnival. the Balloon Fiesta kicks off today! yippee! I love it! but I may not make it out there this year. busy as usual at church. Thursday night the Matsisko Chldren's Choir from Uganda arrived at our church's doorstep. they initially camped out n our sanctuary, but last night homes were found to host them. 25 children plus adults. they joined at potluck yesterday and did a couple of their songs and dance. they're absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I have pictures coming and more information about them. until I get back to you, have a great weekend!