Wednesday, September 29, 2010

love me sum tractor

it's 3am. God only knows why I'm awake @ this hour & especially on a few hours the meantime, I Love tractors. they always remind me of my grandfather who worked his farm aside from working in a factory..... yep, I'm a little bit country!

Monday, September 27, 2010

cutie of the fest!

arctic wolf

this guy was Big..but beautiful. he's from the Wolf Sanctuary I want to visit soon....can hardly wait to get there

gray horned owl

sparrow hawk

...or Kestrel is this bird. all these wildlife animals I hope to photograph in Nature, their natural habitat, one day. but I soooo Loved seeing them!

pygymy owl

he was sooo tiny...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

red tail hawk

wildlife with no cages....beautiful bird!

harvest festival

...went to the Corrales Harvest Festival this afternoon. had a blast and got a few good photos of sum wildlife. it's nice to know autumn is here although it's still unusually hotter than normal nowadays. enjoyed a hay ride along with the arts & crafts. they had great brisket bbq too. I can still taste it. should have had it's been a beautiful day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

my fav guy

he let's me shoot him anytime, anywhere, all the time....I'm learning new stuff with my camera. nice to have my favorite guy who lets me practice on him...

yucca sky

another wrong angle

this is a test of my patience today.....why this photo posted vertical is beyond me....anyways, this is as close I'll probably ever get photographing antlers on the's been one of those weeks, hence maybe why the vertical post of the antlers....time for a beer cuz I just don't get it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

fox caboose

dead end

so I wake this morn discovering my DIRECTV bill is higher than expected. of course I had to call. don't get me wrong, I Love my DIRECTV especially now with NFL Ticket. I get to watch my Chicago Bears every week which is cheaper than taking a trip to Soldier Field from way out west here. anyways after calling customer service, I finally realize my discount is only a mere few bucks versus what I thought I'd be saving once I switched from Comcast. this is knot how I wanted to wake up this morn-ugh-and I didn't have enough creamer for my coffee-ugh again.....good mornin' kbear...let's hope the day gets better.....btw, I still get more for my money via DIRECTV than Comcast....i'll be keeping it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

up close and personal...

this is as close as I could get to any of the wildlife although a cougar was only a glass away. I got lucky with this photo. he poked his head out only a few feet away, so I had to inch the camera up to take the shot. we stood together for about 10mins. once I moved, he scooter-ed along. fun adventure to say the least..... the meantime we are gettin' sum serious rain this afternoon. very refreshing for the 1st day of fall. hopefully it'll keep the cooler weather here. real tired of the anyways, it's a good day today..pretty much decided to go ahead to KY this December. best time 4 me to go really, in lieu of waiting. will know for sure in a couple weeks. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed......

Life is Good today...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



don't remember which particular owl this was...but she's a beauty!

wildlife west

today I visited Wildlife West, 20 miles east of here, out near where I used to live on the other side of the mountain. it was a great visit even though the bear, pronghorns and elk I didn't see. they must have been hiding in sum distant shade. I'll be back though. I signed up to volunteer one day a week @ their gift shop. I LOVE wildlife and it was great to see in person sum birds, cougars, raccoons and other critters in person finally. now the ultimate challenge for me wood be to find these in the wild in order to take their photos. maybe one day. I did get a few photos which will follow this post. they're knot my best because of the fencing surrounding the critters. I wasn't able to really blur out the fencing on most of these photos. so bear with me in the following photos posted. I had a great time. it was definitely worth the visit....

best photo of the party!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shiloh my hero!

I just absolutely Love Shiloh Jolie-Pitt! I Love the fact @ 4yrs old (hope I got her age right), that she's wearing what she loves. this is my attire to a T. if I'm knot in my combat boots, I'm in my desert boots. her tomboy style is my style and has been like at least 30yrs since I tossed all the dresses and skirts out at that time. yep I'm a tomboy like Shiloh. I Love that she's being herself and Jolie lets her do it!!!...I love Brad and Angelina too...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy birthday Tulip!

meet Tulip...she's the birthday girl..2yrs old...I got the honor of taking photos at her party yesterday. she belongs to a friend. there were about 20 people and numerous dogs. it was definitely an adventure. my first doggie party, I learned I need a knee my legs are also sore this morn. but hey, I'm ok..this was Fun but definitely work to try and capture the dogs who were almost non-stop moving. the birthday girl seemed a little territorial, but only natural since it was her yard..she finally calmed down. there was even birthday cake for the dogs. I never knew one could do sooo much for their anyways, a good time. so here's to many more birthday parties!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

more 3115

so I went yard sale shoppin' today. I'm off for once n a blue moon on a Saturday. anyways, I found me a really nice hiking stick for only $10. plus I found a nice wrench set for $5. Love them yard sales....after treating myself to breakfast, I headed over to Kurt's Camera Corral window shopping for a tripod and ball. after I buy me a new lens in a couple months, then I'll finally buy me a good tripod. my dear friend recently bought me a book on Digital Photography and it has these great tips in them. I've learned a few things already like for instance I can buy a macro filter to cover my zoom lens for macro shots in lieu of buying a whole new lens. that's perfect for me since I don't do very many close up shots. there have been sum other great tips in this book. I Love it!!! anyways, getttin' more excited about my photography as if I couldn't get anymore

uncovered wagon

Thursday, September 16, 2010

crooked camera

sometimes, unknowingly, my camera is crooked when I take the shot and I don't know this til I get home and review the shot. this particular shot I was sitting in my jeep shooting thru the window. I'll have 2 go back and get a straight shot one day. but I love this door regardless especially noting "Young Guns". anyways, it was a great photo shoot this particular day....
in the meantime, today I'm finally get my Jeep repaired so I can go farther on my road trips 4 photo expeditions. don't know for sure yet what needs to be done. It may knot need what I was originally told. impatiently waiting to hear from the shop on what the repair is exactly. anxious 2 save money if I can. just learned a couple days ago that one of my camera lens is knot Nikon as I originally thought. the lens has been good 2 me, but I know Nikon is better quality. so If I end up with sum spare cash, I'll buy that Nikon lens now in lieu another couple months, but I will be getting this is my day today. time 4 coffee....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

she makes me smile

on my wall

good mornin''s a beautiful morn. I'm headed 2 the park for my birthday (which is today). just takin' it easy today and enjoying our weather. going to start reading Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. it'll take me awhile to read it, but I hear it's a good pictured above is something I have on my wall here in my hovel. knot sure what came over me but had 2 have one of's southwestern and definitely reminds me of it. may end up painting something on my but have yet 2 decide what exactly. all in time.....
in the meantime, in the previous entry I was thanking Jimmy for allowing me to become a member of Area 51. I now know knot 2 use that dark blue because you can hardly read it, or at least I can't. so that's why I'm making another note here. Thanks again Jimmy!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Area 51

Today I was honored to become a member of Area 51>>>>see icon>>>>>>>>I am humbled and grateful for the honor. THANK YOU JIMMY!! he just posted an awesome entry, go check him out!!!

studio 3115 art

Sunday, September 12, 2010


knot on our soil

....last night I watched a video sent to me by a fellow postal worker who served at least 2 tours in Iraq. she sent me a video of a young girl, 12-13yrs old, being stoned to death because of a Muslim Law. the girl refused to marry an elderly man which she was chosen to marry. she stood up for what she believed in and lost her life for it. I commend her Courage but am enraged by this horrific act decreed by Sharia Law, a Muslim Law. there was a message with the video indicating sum of these laws have been established here in the USA. I will NOT stand for this. knot on our soil. ....and I think we should be stopping this in other countries too. I find myself re-examining other religious views. I now know I need to learn more about the Muslim laws. I also haven't said much about the Muslim mosque they want to build near Ground Zero. I will now state I do NOT support that even though I am a democratic liberal. I don't always agree with our political views. I do support sum Republican views. where they want to build this mosque, I strongly feel is a very bad idea. so now I am on record for this. the last few years I have been re-examining my own political views. I will examine more intensely before voting again. there are so many horrendous acts as the aforementioned in this world and I've been asking why the hell hasn't the USA gone to stop these most violent acts against people. I have knot been very happy with our politics for awhile regardless of the President in office. the injustice to humanity around the world need to be stopped! this is where I stand! this is how I feel....p.s. if anyone wants to see this video I mentioned above, leave a comment with your email address and I'll forward it....I will never forget this girl!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

my heart & purpose

Every cloud that forms,
every snowflake that falls to earth,
every creature it touches,
all are part of the same while,
even the act of shivering in a snowstorm
is an expression of oneness
with nature.

When you know who you are
when your mission is clear and you
burn with the inner fire of
unbreakable will;
no cold can touch your heart;
no deluge can dampen your purpose,
you know that you are alive.

The wolf and the hawk
the crow and the salmon are brothers,
the least and the greatest are one
you are the child of the forest and sky
and the father of forever.

stil runnin....

old trucks like this one are my all time favs. O it wood be sooo nice to have one but unless I win the lottery, don't see it happening. so I'll enjoy the view from afar. there's plenty of old time cars & trucks here in NM. always love seeing them!
in the meantime, tomorrow evening I have a coffee date with someone whom is potential for dating eventually. right now just meet, be friends, and see where it goes. I'm a little nervous since I haven't been in the dating scene for 6yrs now. so this should be interesting to say the least, for me anyways. it's all good. one cup of coffee at a time.....

out 2 pasture

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

what not

standing the test of time this building is....haven't heard the term 'what not' used in a very long time, since I was a kid....but I have sum of them that were my grandmother's from a very long time ago....

timeless bottles

took a short road trip for sum photos. landed in Cerrillos, NM just down the road from MADrid. this is one of the few photos captured......more 2 come!

freedom aint free