Tuesday, April 28, 2009

all funky!

so. it'll be midnight soon, but i wanted 2 make a short entry..i think...it's been a beautiful sunny day in the 80s. for the second day in a row i took my dogs for a walk. yesterday i finally took them on the Westside of town to an open field which isn't very open anymore. they've built houses, a school, and paved a road in the middle of it. but hey we found some "space" to walk. i've been wanting like forever to take Boo on some flat land to walk due to her hip displaxia. she can walk but not run. she still struggles even on flat land. this morn she was whining a little for no apparent reason so i was concerned she was hurting. but then again i just cut out her mornin breakfast. she has gain lots of weight over the winter and some needs to come off. plus she hadn't been eating because it's getting warmer. she'll adjust....so anyway, i decided to walk them around the block this morn over here. i didn't get her choker on her but half way and she ran to the door ready to go. IF she was hurtin', she showed no signs of it then. so off we went. she did just fine. so now i know i don't need to over protect her hips too much. dummy me. so now we'll take a walk almost daily. there will be sum days i won't be able to take them, like sundays-i'm at church. but hey, alas they will get their walk. plus i realized this mornin, i need the walk just as much as they do, just for some fresh air. after their walk, then i'll go hiking. but it's been a great change again walking them again. i've missed it. it's been a great way to take my mind off work. i've been easily irritated there lately. class is almost over and that'll help too. Play is around the corner. and i miss shooting photos. i thought of a road trip i could take soon on my bike with camera in tow. i may have to wait til class is finished, but i'm hittin' the highway once it's done. it'll be a day trip but loads of fun. well that 's it for now. definitely time to rest. i'm goin' 2 bed funky from sweatin so much today, but i'm hopin i sweated out some more of this crud. although feelin' better daily, i'm still draggin a bit. i pray by the end of the week, all is well. until another time....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

1 Nice Cold One

1 Nice Cold Beer.....sittin watchin my Bosox beat up on the Yankees. a nice chill out evening. couldn't get any better especially after feelin' so cruddy...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

a tiny project

so it's saturday and it's an EASY saturday. don't remember the last time the day was laid back and i got some things done. first i had to work a tidbit this morn but it was easy work and only a couple of us at church, not the usual crowd where events are going all day. i noticed the other night when i worked tuesday night, it was so much easier to work because i didnt have people pulling at me all day/night long. everyone was in their classrooms which freed up my time to get the cleaning done in no time. hey i like that. like it so much that i swiched my monday to a tuesday for now. so today was like that at church today. i got interrupted a couple times with people coming and going there, but the tasks were so simple to do today. then i went to my friend Maggie's to pick up a bed frame. yesterday Marsha & I got her daybed out of here. i was keeping it for her until she needed it again. now that's gone, Maggie had a twin bedframe to give me. it was her mother's and i swear is antique. brought it home and put it together. it's holding steady with no sway in it at all..and it's wood. then i had to run to Lowe's to pick up slats to run across to hold the mattresses. hopefully 5 picket fence boards will work. got out the old saw and cut them down to size. boy was that FUN. hadn't done that in a long time. it was nice to be twiddlin' around with it. so keep your fingers crossed these boards work. i'll get a mattress set next week and test drive it. if nothing else i'll go get 2x4s. but really don't want to trim them down to size. more of a test of wills with the saw. so anyways, it's early evening and i feel i have plenty energy left. need to work on our Building & Maintenance Repair Team's list. i've got a meeting on monday night, the first since taking over the team. anyways, it's been a Good day. it's been a beautiful day weather wise too. just plain pleasant today despite my cold....i even got to talk to my landlord about painting my apartment in colors. they're going to let me do it. they must like me because they are really good to me. anyways, so this is a day in the life of me...

Friday, April 24, 2009

a sneak peak

so here's part of my tattoo on my back. this is just the eagle that i recently had worked on. by itself it is huge. the artist figured it was about 10 inches. once the whole tattoo is completed, i'll have another photo taken. anyways, i like this eagle and how she did a great job on it. originally the head was not much of anything so she drew a different and better head on it. she filled in the details too for it was basically an outline. can't wait to finish the whole thing. my goal is to have it completed by september. maybe 2 or 3 more sittings. i can take only so much on my back. next step is to finish the wolves i have on there. then add sum coloring in the middle where it all connects. i may take photos one step at a time, then the whole pic.....in the meantime, i'm feelin' a tidbit better, but it's a slow recovery. think i got that crud after all-YUK! all in time it'll be gone.
on another note, say prayers for my niece Jorje>see photo to the side. she had surgery yesterday only to run into complications. she's in intensive care at the moment but will be fine. scared the hell out of me when i found out this morn. i know and affirm Divine Right action is taking place and she's in good hands. but i ask for as many prayers as she can get for a speedier recovery. she has babies, literally, to take care at home. for now my mother and her mother (my sister) will take care of her. Blessings for all your prayers....Thank you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It may surpise you, perhaps, but I am not strictly opposed to the spectacle of violence and crime. It all depends on the lessons you draw from it. -Dalai Lama
as i was looking for a thought to share today, i found the above in my Dalai Lama book, The Path to Tranquiity. ok this thought from him surprises me but am thankfully of his truth here. i too am not strictly opposed to violence and crime. i accept it as part of life here. i consider it part of the journey here as humans. if we do not do it now, maybe we have done it before in another life. i feel we have lived here before and will do so again. we may not know why some do violence or crime, but i have nothing but compassion for those who do. and the way i see it, sometimes it takes violence to stop violence otherwise we wouldn't have wars. whatever our journey here, know it is all an expression of God being experienced by individualized Gods...
anyway, that's enough of my words of wisdom for the day. i'm at home today with a nasty cold. it hit a couple days ago and only got worse. i feel a tidbit better this morn, but still need to go get that chicken soup which i'll do today. i pray this doesn't last the usual 2 weeks with me. i also need to remember to pick up vitamin C and more orange juice, maybe some more J.D. whiskey which always helps me breath a little better through the congestion. anyhow, today is a day of rest again. i "may" be moving a bed over to Marsha's and i have yet to decide on class tonight. will see how my day unfolds. i like the idea of just lounging around for now. there's plenty on my plate for this weekend including driving to N. San Ysidro to get Jesse's armoire. want to feel much better before doing that. it's colder up north although we've been having beautiful weather here lately. i think our "normal" spring weather has finally arrived being in the 80s with that cool wind. would love to do another bike ride today, but not today. for now i'll just sit and finish homework. only 3 weeks of class left after tonight-Yippee! it's been a great class, but i'm so ready for it to be OVER! well until we meet again....blessings my friends!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a slice of SOM

the following comes from 365 Science of Mind (SOM), a year of daily wisdom from Ernest Holmes. this is the 20th of April's reading. i like it. and it gives a good insight on how we think of God...

I Honor the Presence of God

If I honour myself, my honour is nothing:
it is my Father that honoureth me.-john 8:54

If I honor myself alone, not realizing that I am one with the Divine Presence, then I shall quickly exhaust the small portion of good that I, as a human being, can at anyo one moment contain. But if I honor the Presence of God in me, of God around and through me, of God in and through everything, then I am indeed honoring the Presence of God, for One Spirit is over all, in all and through all, and One Presence is all. There can be no separation from this Presence, no apartness, no division. It is one, complete and total, equally distributed and everywhere available. To feel this Presence in things, in people and in human events, and to sense that it is all-inclusive, is to honor God and to provide in one's own self a place where the Divine can go forth anew into creation.
.... Today I am honoring the Presence of God. I feel God's eauty in the rose-tinted dawn and in the glow of the evening sunset. In the flower I find the loveliness of God's beauty. In the mountains I see God's strength. In the quiet of eveningtime I feel God's Presence. And throughout the night I know that this Presence blankets me; therefore, I sleep in peace and wake in joy and live in a consciouness of good. Seeing God in others, I enter into companionship with the Divine in all people. In the outstretched hand, in the smile of recognition, and in the warm embrace of friends, I feel the One Presence, the One Power, and the One Life. And so I give thanks-with a song in my heart and with a joy unspeakable I give thanks to this Presence. May I evermore embrace and be embraced by the love, the beauty, and the goodness of God.

Have a blessed day my friends!....HUGZ>

Friday, April 17, 2009

busy is my new middle name

so, it's friday night. i'm here at my church trying to read but there's too much activity to do that. so thought i'd drop a note here. i came to church this morn to see the Chief for a few moments. had to wait in line to see her and there still was a line once i got out. goodness, it's crazy around here. don't know how Chief does it for she's non-stop busy with people once she steps in the door. i have to scrage minutes here and there just to talk about business around here. and after talking with a friend over lunch today, and my conversation with the Chief, i've concluded it's just plain crazy here. now whether things will mellow out or not remains to be seen. i thought once our minister was here a few months, people would start settling down around here. it ain't happening. so maybe this has always been the norm. maybe not. but my God, i feel i need a good two weeks vacation from here. maybe this summer. maybe just a week. but goodness i am too busy here. i walk in the door just to drop off something here at the church and i have several people grab me for something. i came in to talk this morn and leave. i walked out of the church on my way to do errands for us. so 2-3hrs laterz, i took lunch and came back. and here's where i've been since. i feel like i've been at work most the day. so anyways, anything for the Chief (our minister). i like her & love her too much not to help her out. besides i just gave her a nickname=Chief Crazy Woman & she liked it. actually she loved it. we both laughed. she even wants me to get a sign made with Chief Crazy Woman on it so we can put it on her door. so i'll get it done. we need some laughter around here. lots of it. i also told her i'd be Lil' Chief Crazy Woman. what the hell....lol and we teach peace, harmony and love here. i'm giggling at this at the moment only because of all that's in the news lately and what i call a bit of madness here at our church. but i do love it here and the people. now i know the world is just as insane as i am. so i feel like i fit right in....lol anyways, only about an hour left tonight. then home and right back here in the morn. i'm thinking my weekends are becoming regular like this. hurry up tuesday, my days off. all in all, LIfe is still good. the sun still rises and sets. the moon and stars come out at night. the birds still sing and i'm still alive. all in a day's work....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a little tender..

so...i paid a loan off early and reaped the interest. with that money, i went and started working on finishing the tattoo on my back. it just hit me today it's been 3 yrs since i began it-goodness. anyways, i found a woman to do it today. a little more than i had planned but it's turning out well worth it. i just had an outline of an eagle with its wings spread. she doctored it up and started filling it in. she got it all but done. i lasted about an hour and couldn't take it anymore. i did better than i thought i did and she let me know i did great. it was mostly the outline that hurt the most. so now that area is redder than red, but the eagle looks awesome. it's bigger than i thought. about 10 inches long. whew! by itself it's huge, but with the rest of the tatt, it looks smaller. i'm happy i did some work on it today. if not next month, then definitely june, i'll return to finish the eagle, which will take about 5 mins, and then start working on the wolves. i'll try and remember my camera so i can get you guys a sneak peak of the tatt. once it's all done and healed, i'll take a photo and post it. anyway, i'm finally feeling' like my money invested in this tatt is well worth it, although i still think i paid a bit too much. o well, lessons learned. the irony is that this woman who worked on me is the one who trained my last tattoo artist whom i got ticked off with. guess i'm completely a circle of sorts. it's all good. the tatt will be finished by the end of summer. my back is more sensitive than others in some places, so i will take my time about completing it so i'm not in too much pain. it looks better already after today and i'm tickled pink!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 tired 2 hike..

so i took off on my hike today. first i sat & had my brunch in the park before hiking. feelin' really tired, once i ate i was more energized. so off i went. i did manage to hike 1 hr up 1hr back, totaling 2hrs. i did take about a half hour break in between. i was going to sit there all day, but had homework to do which i'm in no mood to do. i had it with me, but just didn't want to even think about it. so i meditated on a rock for awhile. felt i could have stayed out there for a few days just to totally recoup from the past 4 days. and it's a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine with a little bit of a breeze. anyway, i came home. getting ready to finally do that book report. but before i did, i sat here on Facebook for a little while. first i got on it this morn while listening to music and havin my brew. i sent out more friend requests on that and one i forgot about until i came home this afternoon. some of you here may not know about my friend from Israel. his name is Rafi. he's a young man i met while working at the mall. i didn't think i'd ever hear from him again, but this morn his face was on Facebook, so alas i sent him a request. he responded this afternoon. he looks good in his photo, good as ever. he's a cutie pie, always has been and if he had been a little older i might have asked him out. but thankfully he wasn't for various reasons. i'm no longer into long distance relationships. anyways, he came here to work for a few months and we became friends. sometimes i think i was more a mother figure for him, but that's ok too. he has a good head on his soldiers, very kind and gentle. so needless to say i was very happy to hear from him today. i sent him my cell number as he requested so maybe he'll call. not sure if he's in the states or back home in Israel at the moment. even if we just chat through facebook, i'll be happy. so it was a nice surprise for me today. i also hooked up with lots of people from church on facebook. that's kewl too because lots of time we really don't get to chat at church. usual is hi and good-bye so maybe droppin' a line here will form a better foundation for our friendships. it's all good. mostly a good day with just low energy. i need the rest of the week off, but i'll take today and tomorrow at least. for now i'll dream about my road trip that i hope to take next month, but no later than june. keep your fingers crossed for me. until we meet again....

promise yourself not to try & solve all of life's problems at once....suzanne

Monday, April 13, 2009

easy day..

it was an easy day today. although i left the house @ 9am and didn't get home until almost 9pm, i'm not exhausted as i was yesterday. i'm still tired from yesterday, but i didn't work so hard. first i had a therapy appointment @ 10am. after it was lunch, then i cruised over to the church. i finished up the new classroom moving some more stuff out. i then hung up our banners for non-violence in all the classrooms. i vacuumed a tidbit and cleaned up a room that was just finished painting. then i sat and chilled. i did also paint a 2-drawer cabinet for Rev Julie since it was an absolute gorgeous day. but the work today was easy work. nothing heavy duty, literally, like yesterday...now home and chillin' some more. bedtime soon. but first i finished my facebook account. my daughter (see side photo), pestered me enough that i finally signed onto facebook this morn. don't know much about it, but i'm sure my daughter will teach me. couldn't load my photo this morn, so i completed that only a few moments ago. goodness, what is this world coming to or has it already about networking..lol anyways, i'm ready to crawl into bed. i'm on the trail in the morn. i've been thinking of wolves since the other day. i even brought out my wolf photo from my bedroom and hung it here in the living room. i'm so aching to be in Nature. so first thing in the morn, i'm on the trail. after that, i'll be home to work on my final project for class=a book report. i hope to write the whole thing tomorrow. there's no limit on number of pages, so i'll just write however much flows through me. right now i'm just ecstatic that the past 4 days are over. my days off have arrived. i'm enjoying them provided no one calls me from church. so keep your fingers crossed for me......g'nite.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Breath of the Heart

-by Krishna Das

...so I listen to this cd. i just got home only moments ago from a 10hr day at church. i picked this cd up from there and love the music or chant or both of what it is. i first heard it about a month ago while in our bookstore talking to my employee (who at the moment runs the bookstore). she had this playing. i finally remembered to go back and pick it up. she gave me a discount too. she also gave me a discount on 2 affirmation blankets, one of which i'll give to my grandbaby arriving into this world next month. i got her the COURAGE affirmation wrap. it is pink in color, but most of all i love the affirmation on it. i have one of these myself. so like grandma (me), like grandbaby...anyway, this cd is wonderful. their websit is www.karunamusic.com. i have yet to visit the website, but i'm sure you'll be able to find it there. anyways, it's peaceful yet energizing too and so much more that words cannot express. i'll listen to it daily for awhile. not sure i'd get tired of it, i enjoy it that much.

so the day was long. had to clean and set up our social hall for a memorial service tomorrow after sunday services (and it aint a small room). then after a late afternoon class, i had to move one room to another (after cleaning it out). we're moving our bookstore down into one of these rooms from the social hall. there's lots of changes going on. i wonder if it'll slow down soon. i'm exhausted from the past 3days. then i'm back at it tomorrow to assist our new youth minister in getting set up in her rooms. hurry up tuesday so i can rest. and that's where i'm headed now. just chill out for the rest of the evening. i'll be back soon. HUGZ!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

another busy day

ok, let me first say these photos i did not take. i found them on a website somewhere, but too tired to remember. i LOVE wolves. i Love wildlife. wolves and bears are my favorites. tonight i felt like seeing wolves while readin' another's journal. so i had to go find some wolves photos. my all time favorite photo of a wolve is capturing it halfway behind a tree. i feel it best reflects me sometimes wanting not quite to be seen. right now i could hide behind a tree and not come out for a few days, but that isn't happening. today was another busy day at church. first a meeting which lasted 3hrs, then a couple hours work, then an errand to get more keys for our church, then back only to learn more of the changes coming to our church which will require more work for me startin' tomorrow. i think Julie (Rev Julie) is bringin a little insanity with her by changing her mind often. maybe she only does this with me, but i just laugh now when this happens. so i'm going to tell her i think she's a little crazy just like me, but i can handle it. just LAUGH. nothing much more that i can do really and it's all good. she's creating changes to our church which is all good. just gotta go with the flow. i'm grateful for her appreciation of me and all that i do. she even said i was like her right hand man, so i accept that as a complement. her presence and her teachings is bringing in more people to the church, which is good. i have no doubt there will be more changes as time unfolds because of other projects she works on. if we keep growing, we'll have to look for another church already. we've only been in this one for a couple years. again it's all good......and today i realized i'm more involved in church than initially thought and i haven't even become a Practitioner yet. must be careful not to marry the church. really don't want to do that. there's more to life than church. it is a blessing indeed, but my main church will always be Nature. and O how i'd love to be there right this moment. but alas, i must do some homework this evening. after talking to Julie this afternoon, i don't think i'll have as much time as i thought i would for homework this week. i have 3 projects due by next thursday. will try and finish 2 of them tonight. the next 2 days are full working at church. i'm tired already just thinking about it. time to rest. time to play. Goodness, what did i get myself into?....lol.....HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

mini break

i'm taking a mini break while working at church just to squeeze my entry in for the day. i thought i'd have plenty time to do it tonite, but alas, to no avail. it's been a busy day, all day. first pick up my paycheck then a little shopping and off for a haircut. i bought a shirt i've been waiting for months to pick up-Yea! i cut my hair but with a new twist. i'm going to grow a tail again in the back. this way i'll have the long and short of it. i had one many years ago before the illness hit. have no clue why i cut it off. anyway i liked it and finally remembered again to do it. the other day at the Harley shop, i saw a guy in very long hair and it was braided. i love men in long hair, those that take care of it. anyway, i wanted to grow my hair again after seeing him, but then remembered the tail. it's so damn hard for me to grow my hair and like it. so this is my compromise. i look forward to the tail so i can braid it.

then this afternoon, i was back at church for a workshop that our minister was giving on Betrayal. boy was that awesome. very powerful! we worked on letting steam off to someone who had betrayed us, then wrote a couple letters to help heal the process. the workshop was about doing the process of it all and not hanging onto any anger, hurt or pain regarding a betrayal as well as seeing our responsibility in it all. anyways, it was a great way to release some of my recent anger that surfaced and i sure felt better afterwards. we were allowed and encouraged if need be to use adult language by our minister. and many of us did. anyways, i can move on from here. i also bought today the book Anger by Thich Nhat Hanh. i've read just a couple pages of the introduction and love it already. i'm loving his works. will read more as time unfolds.

well tonite i'm working my ass off here at church. getting the sanctuary ready for Sunday's services. cleaning up after the workshop. general cleaning period. preparing the social hall for a meeting that's taking place tomorrow. i'm almost finsihed. i'll be about done as the teen group will be finished here tonite. then it's home and back here early in the morn for that meeting. i asked my boss, the reverend, if i could skip it but she said all but no...lol. so it's an early rise for me manana.....i'll get back to your journals tomorrow. have a good night....sweet dreams!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

webshots desktop

thursday morn. i sit listening to Taylor Swift singing White Horse on the radio. it's one of my favorite tunes nowadays. the weather is windy again as predicted. for once the weatherman got the weather right...lol this morn i feel i finally came down to earth. now it would take a book to explain why, but it's mostly feeling like i've got my feet on the ground since the beginning of my illness over 15yrs ago. since coming off prozac last summer, i have been feeling sooo much better. and i'm feeling more grounded in my spirituality as well. that was all mixed up in my psychosis too. when i came out of it, i came close to being an atheist, but fortunately i didn't go that way. so now, here i am, in church and on my feet again. it feels sooooo good. when you experience different realities of sorts, it's nice to be so NORMAL again. whatever normal really is...lol. anyways, it's a good day. i'm headed out on my bike again just for the ride. i'm so happy i took it off the market. Life is much sweeter now knowing i can hop on it anytime and go anywhere, any time. now to just win the lottery for even better times...lol

in the meantime, a couple days ago, i downloaded Webshots Desktop. i found a photo on wanted to download as wallpaper and in hopes to keep my screensaver. well lost my screensaver,, but that's ok, it was just a photo of mine. anyway, since loading it, i'm getting all kinds of cool and wonderful photos showing. they're just awesome and beautiful. this is good since i study other photos to assist in achieving mine. i just LOVE photography. after this morning and feeling back to earth, think i'll go for that photography degree in lieu of the ministry first. it'll take awhile, but hey, time is an illusion and i have plenty of it. i want to enJOY my time as much as possible nowadays. life has been difficult enough already. time to play. time to laugh. time to have fun. so i'm off to do some of that right now. have a great day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

off the market!

as of tis moment, i just took my bike off the market. i just got back from another cruise in the city. i rode over to Thunderbird Harley Davidson. i browsed. i sat on bikes. i hung out with a mountain dew for a little while. and as i rode back, the decision was made. wind and all. the wind blew me all over the lane, but i really didn't give a hoot. wind and lightening is my least favorite riding, especially the hellacious wind we get here in the spring. it couldn't blow me off that bike if it wanted to. i was enJOYing the ride too much. i can't give it up. i won't give it up. so off the market she comes. i will no longer torture myself about selling it. she stays until i buy that new one a few years from now. i'm dreaming of those road trips this summer already. and i got my old biker boots out today as well. they were the first boots i bought for my bike. they're actually steel toed and dark brown, but still not as heavy as those Harley Davidson biker boots i bought. i will get those other black boots eventually, but at the moment i need to save that $140 for something else, i.e. more spiritual books & cds as well as moving Jesse's armoire down here from up north. so, i've got my bike!!!
this morn i went to the Blue Eagle bookstore. it's a metaphysical bookstore with loads of incense, crystals and other items including books. i went looking for a book on Kundalini energy. found one and a Ramtha book i do not have. so saving that $140 will buy me these 2 books plus another one of Thich Nhat Hanh. i won't read them until after next week's class. i have 3 papers due for next week's class. still have one to do tonight for tomorrow night's class. after next week only 4 more weeks to go. it's been a helluva loooooong class. 33 weeks long plus 3 weeks holiday break. i'm sooo ready for it to be over. as soon as it's over i may take that first road trip on my bike. one or two nights to the Four Corners. i'm loooong overdue for a road trip too and shooting photos.
in the meantime, a friend who i was planning that Grand Canyon trip again plus to Sedona has backed out. now i'll contemplate on going by myself and deciding whether i want to adventure all the way down to the bottom the first time. i have decided when i do it, i will hire a mule to carry my pack down and up. it'll be some bucks, but hiking 10miles each way will be more than enough physical exercise for me without carrying 30+ pounds on my back. after next week's class i'll start contemplating it again. i do know i NEED some new hiking boots. i've been hiking in my desert boots which are not stable around my ankles. i easily twist my ankles as it is. don't need any further damage while hiking. anyway, i'll begin hiking regularly too to get in condition. i know i have plenty of time, but the earlier i start the better. i still have my bicycle to ride for more conditioning if i can stay on it....lol....after riding my motorcycle for years now, it really feels strange to ride a bicycle. i'll know it time whether to keep it or not. no loss there if i give it up.
well i'm off to do more homework while listening to the wind howl. until i see you tomorrow.....i'm on the bandwagon with Martha @ Menagerie for a miniblogathon. one entry a day for a week. let's see if i can stick to it...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cruisin' the city

it's tuesday evening. the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship is about to begin. i will watch it while studying too and chill out for the night. it's been a chill out day beginning with a little homework, then a nap, then a cruise on my motorcycle. this is only the 2nd time i've had her out not counting the very brief trip to the shop. usually by this time of the year i've been riding her regularly on a daily basis, but the weather has not been conducive for such this spring. alas another nice day for the bike today, 74 degrees with little wind. tomorrow is another nice day too, but the wind will kick up which makes riding a bit tricky. so i enJOYed her today cruisin' around the city for a couple hours. as i rode, i contemplated road trips on her this summer for sure-provided i don't sell her. i've put her on Craig's list about a week ago, but no responses as of yet. if i don't sell her within 30days, the length of Craig;s list, then i'll take her off the market permanently and keep her until i buy that Harley or other cruiser of my dreams. i may keep her sooner anyways telling anyone she's sold if they call. i've even been out window shopping for new riding boots. i found a pair at the local Kaufman's store where they sell military and police gear. the current boots i have are heavy as hell and are great for riding, but not for walking any length of time once off the bike. the desert boots i've been wearing are worn out plus show all the yuk my boots pick up from the road while riding. black is definitely the color for riding.....so, the more i ride, the more likely i will keep her. i have no idea why i torture myself about this. only a few days more and she'll be off the market. i have figured my budget. that will be better by the end of the year even if i keep my bike. selling her only gets it done sooner than later. i've already said a prayer for the answer to keep or not. i patiently await....
in the meantime, i'm feeling better nowadays. no blues at the time being. class after this week, is only 5 more weeks-YIPPEE!!! ..and i tell me this is all in preparation of me returning to school once done with Practitioning classes. I have decided I WILL complete my degree once i'm done with these classes. only one more year of practitioner's classes, then i'll begin my final journey for my bachelor's degree. major is yet undetermined. it's a toss up between photography or the ministry. if i can do both, i will, but i'm soon starting guitar lessons again as well as looking into some martial arts. the martial arts will be another spiritual practice besides self defense. it was something i always wanted to do. so i'll give it a go in the near future. maybe i can lose some weight while working out....so much to do...so little time, or so it seems....and i still sometimes desire to move back out into the mountains and live quietly-go figure...lol
my photos of my kiddos today, i took today. at church they are collecting photos of our dogs and will make a bulletin of them. i want to include my kids, treasures of my heart. Boo is the rottie, Jimmy the Bernese mtn dog. just wanted to share these here again. i'm blessed to have them around. time to start hiking them again soon--that is always an adventure in itself!