Wednesday, April 8, 2009

off the market!

as of tis moment, i just took my bike off the market. i just got back from another cruise in the city. i rode over to Thunderbird Harley Davidson. i browsed. i sat on bikes. i hung out with a mountain dew for a little while. and as i rode back, the decision was made. wind and all. the wind blew me all over the lane, but i really didn't give a hoot. wind and lightening is my least favorite riding, especially the hellacious wind we get here in the spring. it couldn't blow me off that bike if it wanted to. i was enJOYing the ride too much. i can't give it up. i won't give it up. so off the market she comes. i will no longer torture myself about selling it. she stays until i buy that new one a few years from now. i'm dreaming of those road trips this summer already. and i got my old biker boots out today as well. they were the first boots i bought for my bike. they're actually steel toed and dark brown, but still not as heavy as those Harley Davidson biker boots i bought. i will get those other black boots eventually, but at the moment i need to save that $140 for something else, i.e. more spiritual books & cds as well as moving Jesse's armoire down here from up north. so, i've got my bike!!!
this morn i went to the Blue Eagle bookstore. it's a metaphysical bookstore with loads of incense, crystals and other items including books. i went looking for a book on Kundalini energy. found one and a Ramtha book i do not have. so saving that $140 will buy me these 2 books plus another one of Thich Nhat Hanh. i won't read them until after next week's class. i have 3 papers due for next week's class. still have one to do tonight for tomorrow night's class. after next week only 4 more weeks to go. it's been a helluva loooooong class. 33 weeks long plus 3 weeks holiday break. i'm sooo ready for it to be over. as soon as it's over i may take that first road trip on my bike. one or two nights to the Four Corners. i'm loooong overdue for a road trip too and shooting photos.
in the meantime, a friend who i was planning that Grand Canyon trip again plus to Sedona has backed out. now i'll contemplate on going by myself and deciding whether i want to adventure all the way down to the bottom the first time. i have decided when i do it, i will hire a mule to carry my pack down and up. it'll be some bucks, but hiking 10miles each way will be more than enough physical exercise for me without carrying 30+ pounds on my back. after next week's class i'll start contemplating it again. i do know i NEED some new hiking boots. i've been hiking in my desert boots which are not stable around my ankles. i easily twist my ankles as it is. don't need any further damage while hiking. anyway, i'll begin hiking regularly too to get in condition. i know i have plenty of time, but the earlier i start the better. i still have my bicycle to ride for more conditioning if i can stay on riding my motorcycle for years now, it really feels strange to ride a bicycle. i'll know it time whether to keep it or not. no loss there if i give it up.
well i'm off to do more homework while listening to the wind howl. until i see you tomorrow.....i'm on the bandwagon with Martha @ Menagerie for a miniblogathon. one entry a day for a week. let's see if i can stick to it...


Martha said...

I'm glad you decided to take your baby... er, I mean bike off the market, now you can just enjoy! Thanks for playing along on the mini blogathon :-)

Julie said...

I am glad you took the bike off the market. I could tell you were torn in selling it. You will know when the time is right.