Monday, April 13, 2009

easy day..

it was an easy day today. although i left the house @ 9am and didn't get home until almost 9pm, i'm not exhausted as i was yesterday. i'm still tired from yesterday, but i didn't work so hard. first i had a therapy appointment @ 10am. after it was lunch, then i cruised over to the church. i finished up the new classroom moving some more stuff out. i then hung up our banners for non-violence in all the classrooms. i vacuumed a tidbit and cleaned up a room that was just finished painting. then i sat and chilled. i did also paint a 2-drawer cabinet for Rev Julie since it was an absolute gorgeous day. but the work today was easy work. nothing heavy duty, literally, like home and chillin' some more. bedtime soon. but first i finished my facebook account. my daughter (see side photo), pestered me enough that i finally signed onto facebook this morn. don't know much about it, but i'm sure my daughter will teach me. couldn't load my photo this morn, so i completed that only a few moments ago. goodness, what is this world coming to or has it already about anyways, i'm ready to crawl into bed. i'm on the trail in the morn. i've been thinking of wolves since the other day. i even brought out my wolf photo from my bedroom and hung it here in the living room. i'm so aching to be in Nature. so first thing in the morn, i'm on the trail. after that, i'll be home to work on my final project for class=a book report. i hope to write the whole thing tomorrow. there's no limit on number of pages, so i'll just write however much flows through me. right now i'm just ecstatic that the past 4 days are over. my days off have arrived. i'm enjoying them provided no one calls me from church. so keep your fingers crossed for me......g'nite.

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Julie said...

Hope you got to enjoy your days off.