Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a little tender..

so...i paid a loan off early and reaped the interest. with that money, i went and started working on finishing the tattoo on my back. it just hit me today it's been 3 yrs since i began it-goodness. anyways, i found a woman to do it today. a little more than i had planned but it's turning out well worth it. i just had an outline of an eagle with its wings spread. she doctored it up and started filling it in. she got it all but done. i lasted about an hour and couldn't take it anymore. i did better than i thought i did and she let me know i did great. it was mostly the outline that hurt the most. so now that area is redder than red, but the eagle looks awesome. it's bigger than i thought. about 10 inches long. whew! by itself it's huge, but with the rest of the tatt, it looks smaller. i'm happy i did some work on it today. if not next month, then definitely june, i'll return to finish the eagle, which will take about 5 mins, and then start working on the wolves. i'll try and remember my camera so i can get you guys a sneak peak of the tatt. once it's all done and healed, i'll take a photo and post it. anyway, i'm finally feeling' like my money invested in this tatt is well worth it, although i still think i paid a bit too much. o well, lessons learned. the irony is that this woman who worked on me is the one who trained my last tattoo artist whom i got ticked off with. guess i'm completely a circle of sorts. it's all good. the tatt will be finished by the end of summer. my back is more sensitive than others in some places, so i will take my time about completing it so i'm not in too much pain. it looks better already after today and i'm tickled pink!

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Julie said...

Sounds like you had a good day, I am chicken to get a tat, I have had enough people sticking needles in me.