Friday, April 17, 2009

busy is my new middle name

so, it's friday night. i'm here at my church trying to read but there's too much activity to do that. so thought i'd drop a note here. i came to church this morn to see the Chief for a few moments. had to wait in line to see her and there still was a line once i got out. goodness, it's crazy around here. don't know how Chief does it for she's non-stop busy with people once she steps in the door. i have to scrage minutes here and there just to talk about business around here. and after talking with a friend over lunch today, and my conversation with the Chief, i've concluded it's just plain crazy here. now whether things will mellow out or not remains to be seen. i thought once our minister was here a few months, people would start settling down around here. it ain't happening. so maybe this has always been the norm. maybe not. but my God, i feel i need a good two weeks vacation from here. maybe this summer. maybe just a week. but goodness i am too busy here. i walk in the door just to drop off something here at the church and i have several people grab me for something. i came in to talk this morn and leave. i walked out of the church on my way to do errands for us. so 2-3hrs laterz, i took lunch and came back. and here's where i've been since. i feel like i've been at work most the day. so anyways, anything for the Chief (our minister). i like her & love her too much not to help her out. besides i just gave her a nickname=Chief Crazy Woman & she liked it. actually she loved it. we both laughed. she even wants me to get a sign made with Chief Crazy Woman on it so we can put it on her door. so i'll get it done. we need some laughter around here. lots of it. i also told her i'd be Lil' Chief Crazy Woman. what the and we teach peace, harmony and love here. i'm giggling at this at the moment only because of all that's in the news lately and what i call a bit of madness here at our church. but i do love it here and the people. now i know the world is just as insane as i am. so i feel like i fit right anyways, only about an hour left tonight. then home and right back here in the morn. i'm thinking my weekends are becoming regular like this. hurry up tuesday, my days off. all in all, LIfe is still good. the sun still rises and sets. the moon and stars come out at night. the birds still sing and i'm still alive. all in a day's work....

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