Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 tired 2 hike..

so i took off on my hike today. first i sat & had my brunch in the park before hiking. feelin' really tired, once i ate i was more energized. so off i went. i did manage to hike 1 hr up 1hr back, totaling 2hrs. i did take about a half hour break in between. i was going to sit there all day, but had homework to do which i'm in no mood to do. i had it with me, but just didn't want to even think about it. so i meditated on a rock for awhile. felt i could have stayed out there for a few days just to totally recoup from the past 4 days. and it's a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine with a little bit of a breeze. anyway, i came home. getting ready to finally do that book report. but before i did, i sat here on Facebook for a little while. first i got on it this morn while listening to music and havin my brew. i sent out more friend requests on that and one i forgot about until i came home this afternoon. some of you here may not know about my friend from Israel. his name is Rafi. he's a young man i met while working at the mall. i didn't think i'd ever hear from him again, but this morn his face was on Facebook, so alas i sent him a request. he responded this afternoon. he looks good in his photo, good as ever. he's a cutie pie, always has been and if he had been a little older i might have asked him out. but thankfully he wasn't for various reasons. i'm no longer into long distance relationships. anyways, he came here to work for a few months and we became friends. sometimes i think i was more a mother figure for him, but that's ok too. he has a good head on his soldiers, very kind and gentle. so needless to say i was very happy to hear from him today. i sent him my cell number as he requested so maybe he'll call. not sure if he's in the states or back home in Israel at the moment. even if we just chat through facebook, i'll be happy. so it was a nice surprise for me today. i also hooked up with lots of people from church on facebook. that's kewl too because lots of time we really don't get to chat at church. usual is hi and good-bye so maybe droppin' a line here will form a better foundation for our friendships. it's all good. mostly a good day with just low energy. i need the rest of the week off, but i'll take today and tomorrow at least. for now i'll dream about my road trip that i hope to take next month, but no later than june. keep your fingers crossed for me. until we meet again....

promise yourself not to try & solve all of life's problems at once....suzanne

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Indigo said...

It's been awhile since I've immersed myself in the mountains I'm overdue for a visit. Your hike sounded glorious. It sounds like Facebook is keeping you connected to a lot of people. I'm there but never visit anymore. It seems I have way too much on my plate these days. (Hugs)Indigo