Saturday, April 11, 2009

another busy day

ok, let me first say these photos i did not take. i found them on a website somewhere, but too tired to remember. i LOVE wolves. i Love wildlife. wolves and bears are my favorites. tonight i felt like seeing wolves while readin' another's journal. so i had to go find some wolves photos. my all time favorite photo of a wolve is capturing it halfway behind a tree. i feel it best reflects me sometimes wanting not quite to be seen. right now i could hide behind a tree and not come out for a few days, but that isn't happening. today was another busy day at church. first a meeting which lasted 3hrs, then a couple hours work, then an errand to get more keys for our church, then back only to learn more of the changes coming to our church which will require more work for me startin' tomorrow. i think Julie (Rev Julie) is bringin a little insanity with her by changing her mind often. maybe she only does this with me, but i just laugh now when this happens. so i'm going to tell her i think she's a little crazy just like me, but i can handle it. just LAUGH. nothing much more that i can do really and it's all good. she's creating changes to our church which is all good. just gotta go with the flow. i'm grateful for her appreciation of me and all that i do. she even said i was like her right hand man, so i accept that as a complement. her presence and her teachings is bringing in more people to the church, which is good. i have no doubt there will be more changes as time unfolds because of other projects she works on. if we keep growing, we'll have to look for another church already. we've only been in this one for a couple years. again it's all good......and today i realized i'm more involved in church than initially thought and i haven't even become a Practitioner yet. must be careful not to marry the church. really don't want to do that. there's more to life than church. it is a blessing indeed, but my main church will always be Nature. and O how i'd love to be there right this moment. but alas, i must do some homework this evening. after talking to Julie this afternoon, i don't think i'll have as much time as i thought i would for homework this week. i have 3 projects due by next thursday. will try and finish 2 of them tonight. the next 2 days are full working at church. i'm tired already just thinking about it. time to rest. time to play. Goodness, what did i get myself into? A HAPPY EASTER!!!!

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Martha said...

Good luck with that busy schedule! Have a Happy Easter! :-)