Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cruisin' the city

it's tuesday evening. the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship is about to begin. i will watch it while studying too and chill out for the night. it's been a chill out day beginning with a little homework, then a nap, then a cruise on my motorcycle. this is only the 2nd time i've had her out not counting the very brief trip to the shop. usually by this time of the year i've been riding her regularly on a daily basis, but the weather has not been conducive for such this spring. alas another nice day for the bike today, 74 degrees with little wind. tomorrow is another nice day too, but the wind will kick up which makes riding a bit tricky. so i enJOYed her today cruisin' around the city for a couple hours. as i rode, i contemplated road trips on her this summer for sure-provided i don't sell her. i've put her on Craig's list about a week ago, but no responses as of yet. if i don't sell her within 30days, the length of Craig;s list, then i'll take her off the market permanently and keep her until i buy that Harley or other cruiser of my dreams. i may keep her sooner anyways telling anyone she's sold if they call. i've even been out window shopping for new riding boots. i found a pair at the local Kaufman's store where they sell military and police gear. the current boots i have are heavy as hell and are great for riding, but not for walking any length of time once off the bike. the desert boots i've been wearing are worn out plus show all the yuk my boots pick up from the road while riding. black is definitely the color for riding.....so, the more i ride, the more likely i will keep her. i have no idea why i torture myself about this. only a few days more and she'll be off the market. i have figured my budget. that will be better by the end of the year even if i keep my bike. selling her only gets it done sooner than later. i've already said a prayer for the answer to keep or not. i patiently await....
in the meantime, i'm feeling better nowadays. no blues at the time being. class after this week, is only 5 more weeks-YIPPEE!!! ..and i tell me this is all in preparation of me returning to school once done with Practitioning classes. I have decided I WILL complete my degree once i'm done with these classes. only one more year of practitioner's classes, then i'll begin my final journey for my bachelor's degree. major is yet undetermined. it's a toss up between photography or the ministry. if i can do both, i will, but i'm soon starting guitar lessons again as well as looking into some martial arts. the martial arts will be another spiritual practice besides self defense. it was something i always wanted to do. so i'll give it a go in the near future. maybe i can lose some weight while working out....so much to do...so little time, or so it seems....and i still sometimes desire to move back out into the mountains and live quietly-go figure...lol
my photos of my kiddos today, i took today. at church they are collecting photos of our dogs and will make a bulletin of them. i want to include my kids, treasures of my heart. Boo is the rottie, Jimmy the Bernese mtn dog. just wanted to share these here again. i'm blessed to have them around. time to start hiking them again soon--that is always an adventure in itself!


Martha said...

Just popping in to say hello. I've sure missed everyone! Good luck with your goals!

Join me for my mini blogathon this week? Martha :-)

Julie said...

You sound more upbeat. I'm glad. Both dogs are lovely. I hope you get to keep the bike, I always wanted to learn to ride.

Rose said...

Sounds like you have been busy with your classes and also enjoying your bike.

Hugs, Rose