Friday, April 10, 2009

mini break

i'm taking a mini break while working at church just to squeeze my entry in for the day. i thought i'd have plenty time to do it tonite, but alas, to no avail. it's been a busy day, all day. first pick up my paycheck then a little shopping and off for a haircut. i bought a shirt i've been waiting for months to pick up-Yea! i cut my hair but with a new twist. i'm going to grow a tail again in the back. this way i'll have the long and short of it. i had one many years ago before the illness hit. have no clue why i cut it off. anyway i liked it and finally remembered again to do it. the other day at the Harley shop, i saw a guy in very long hair and it was braided. i love men in long hair, those that take care of it. anyway, i wanted to grow my hair again after seeing him, but then remembered the tail. it's so damn hard for me to grow my hair and like it. so this is my compromise. i look forward to the tail so i can braid it.

then this afternoon, i was back at church for a workshop that our minister was giving on Betrayal. boy was that awesome. very powerful! we worked on letting steam off to someone who had betrayed us, then wrote a couple letters to help heal the process. the workshop was about doing the process of it all and not hanging onto any anger, hurt or pain regarding a betrayal as well as seeing our responsibility in it all. anyways, it was a great way to release some of my recent anger that surfaced and i sure felt better afterwards. we were allowed and encouraged if need be to use adult language by our minister. and many of us did. anyways, i can move on from here. i also bought today the book Anger by Thich Nhat Hanh. i've read just a couple pages of the introduction and love it already. i'm loving his works. will read more as time unfolds.

well tonite i'm working my ass off here at church. getting the sanctuary ready for Sunday's services. cleaning up after the workshop. general cleaning period. preparing the social hall for a meeting that's taking place tomorrow. i'm almost finsihed. i'll be about done as the teen group will be finished here tonite. then it's home and back here early in the morn for that meeting. i asked my boss, the reverend, if i could skip it but she said all but so it's an early rise for me manana.....i'll get back to your journals tomorrow. have a good night....sweet dreams!


Martha said...

Sounds like a busy time for you! Hope you have a Happy Easter :-)

Julie said...

Being busy is good. Glad your services have been going well.