Tuesday, March 30, 2010

quik entry

alas another entry, but short.....got a hike in today with my doggies. first time I've taken these 2 out for more than 30mins. it was a great 1hr hike, but we all were draggin ass the last 15mins especially since it was all uphill on the way back. today was the first time Jimmy showed a little of his age. heck he's almost 12yrs old, will be this summer. but we made it. and now I know Ms. Boo's hips can handle the hiking. so I'll start shootin' to do this 5 days a week for us, Mon-Fri, when so few people are out there. we'll all get our exercise in plus I'll get started on the gym finally too with sum weights. hiking and weights, my summer agenda to lose 20lbs or so. anyways, a great day today.
...in the meantime, I may knot be on here for the next month. starting next week we are having class twice a week. we're pushing to get done so we have the whole month of May to prepare and take the written exam. I'm sooo anxious for this to be over with. almost there. once I'm done with the written exam, I'm going to play. then I'll have something to write about here as well. nothing but class and work going on now. a bit boring actually. so that's about it 4 now. I'll be on here when I can, but otherwise, don't plan on seeing me until May...take care and I'll at least try and stop by your journals. Have a Happy Easter!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

free spirit....

and the journey continues...it was only yesterday our minister stepped in our church and began to guide us into healing, healing our community, ourselves and move forward from much turmoil and pain. although it wasn't actually yesterday, it feels like it. on Sunday she announced her resignation after discovering pulpit ministry was not her true calling. she has done so much for us, for me in the year and a half she has been here. I am deeply saddened by her departure although we have about a month's time left with her. I have grown much not only by her Sunday talks but the one on one work she has done with me. I feel so connected to her. she has been a light for all of us in so many different ways. so many people feel deeply connected to her. we put in place a group session to come talk of our pain and sorrows and maybe anger because of this news. I have been to 2 of them and it has helped me greatly. one thing I've realized recently is that we all want connection, to feel connected to someone or many people, to life itself on this grand adventure. when our minister first arrived I didn't understand it. so many people starved for her attention. so many needing direction. but I didn't interpret it that way. I didn't know what to think really. I've been places that we had a common bond, a connection already in place. being at my church I'm learning different things. I too have been lost since retiring from the p.o. seeking my own connection somewhere, some place, unknowingly blindly leading my way. this is a great eye opener. we are all connected but yet some have yet to realize this because we are divided by so many things sometimes. I will reflect awhile on this and rethink how I look at life. this may be a painful time, but usually much growth comes from it. this is a beginning of new growth for me....Life is Good....

Monday, March 15, 2010

time is an illusion

Time is truly an Illusion. we keep changing the clocks that I think we should throw away, rising and setting with the sun instead. I have lived many days in one and one day in many days. there are past lives and future lives all entwined with the present. how we change today effects the past and future. we grow into a better you as life unfolds. it is to be only in the present moment of Now. we are the Life force unfolding, evolving and growing and creating. there is nothing else. clocks and calendars are only man made to record events. Live as there's no tomorrow and no yesterdays. it is the gift of Life that is happening....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Proposal

so I went to rent a movie tonight. 2 of the Oscar nods are now on DVD but were all rented tonight. but first I had to find another place to rent movies. the local Hollywood Video I usually go to is now going out of business. it was only a few years ago that Blockbuster Video all but left town. thank goodness I found a place nearby, the local Hastings Bookstore. anyways, I wanted to rent The Hurt Locker or Precious only to find empty shelves. well I had yet to see The Proposal, so opted for it. good movie for me tonight since i've been blue lately. this was a lot of fun and laughter. of course the romance was good too. sorry I didn't see it earlier. another one that I finally got around seeing the other night was Coyote Ugly. that was on TV. but hey better late than never. with the continual changing of video stores, I think it's a sign I get to the theaters b4 they become DVDs. otherwise i'll have to start buying them in order to see them. i rarely buy a movie because it basically sits and collects dust. anyways, a fun night with The Proposal. the only comment I have is how does one fall in love in a matter of a few days as movies seem to show for awhile now. not that it isn't possible, but seemingly not realistic. all in the name of Love I suppose. now if I could only find that right person in a few days......lol.......now for tomorrow. to get back motivated with homework-ugh!....O btw, I did have a nice dinner at friends tonight. that started the evening off just right.....hurry up class and be over!!!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars

so I watched the last 45 mins or so of the Academy Awards show last night, just in time to see who won Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. I have yet to see The Blind Side, but I absolutely Love Sandra Bullock who won the Best Actress Oscar last night. now for sure I'll head out to see this movie. in addition I had already heard that Crazy Hearts was a great movie and Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor award for the lead in that movie. I also was surprised by Best Picture going to Hurt Locker. another movie to add to my must see movie list. Hurt Locker came away with more Oscars than Avatar and I can't say how much I Loved that movie. so I'll start this weekend and get one movie per week in until I see all 3 of these movies and another one or two. don't want to wait until they're on tv to see them as I finally saw Coyote Ugly last night on the groove tube. that was a fun and entertaining movie. always wanted to see it, but just finally got around to it. was headed out to see Invictus on Saturday night, but I got a call to attend an awards show here in town. our church was nominated as one of 3 best places to worship for the gay community. there were sum who were knot able to attend, so I was called at the last minute. it was an ok evening, but knot really my thing. once the award was announced, I left along with a couple other people. besides we had to be at church the next morning rather early. so it's been awards weekend. knot much else going on. it's rainy as it rolled in last night with sum thunderstorms, lightening cracking everywhere. as the dreary day begins, think i'll finally get started at the gym. i could use sum invigorating excitement right now. then time to focus on my homework and head to work. another mundane day in the life of me....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

10,000 Cranes for Peace....C.C.#39

so this is my Color Carnival for the week. see more by clicking on my sidebar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>in the meantime, people at our church are doing these origami cranes for peace, 10,000 of them. if i get sum time, i'll join in making sum. i've heard of this idea, cranes for peace, but don''t know the story yet behind it. will ask about it soon. these photo'd are just hanging in bunches at the moment until further hanging. we'll hang all these around the church near the sanctuary as some are displayed already...

Monday, March 1, 2010

it's March already..

alas, March is here. Spring is officially here in a few weeks, but as usual here, it has begun to warm up a tidbit. I can almost put away my winter clothing. I said almost. usually another few days of winter will come back b4 the totally close of winter. but I'm anxious. the sun has been out shining latley which makes my day. how I managed to live in other states with less sunshine is beyond me now. I am spoiled by the weather here. there was a time I used to miss the snow. those days are long gone. only the cold winter wind reminds me mostly that it's winter.
....anyways, as reminded by a friend tonight, I need to take a vacation from church. she's soooo right. so maybe a day trip somewhere soon. I'll contemplate 'where' soon and plan accordingly. but I think I need to repair my Jeep first...again...another $1200 bill repair today-UGH!!! ok my Jeep is 12 yrs old. she runs great. guess it's just her time for repairs at the moment. a few bucks now, she may last me another 10yrs. but ode to the pocket book.....
.....but the great news I received today was a video of my grandbaby crawling. she just started to crawl and my DIL was kind enough to send me a video. O she looks sooo sweet and adorable still. can't wait to see her this year. yesterday is knot soon enough, but I'll wait patiently. with Jeep repairs I 'may' have delay the trip a couple months, but maybe knot. will see, but repairs must be done if I'm going to drive her back to KY. maybe I"ll reconsider flying. I'll decide by September which is my first inclination to go. anyways, great to have this video. made my day!!!
....The Olympics are over. it was fun while it lasted. didn't get into much of the commentary and stayed out of the hype, but really enjoyed the athletes as they competed. O to be young again. but hey I joined a gym which I will start hopefully sometime this week, no later than this next Monday. it's within walking distance and only cost $20 a month. couldn't pass that up...and I'm determined to lose 15 lbs or more this year. they have a stair stepper-or I think that's what it's called. I look forward to working out on that to get me ready for the hiking trails. anxious to get on those trails by June and back with my hiking group. I've missed them. anxious period to be finished with class. it's too long of a haul but just about 2/3rds done. continuing the grind although it feels like a snail's pace. ho hum...Life Goes On....