Tuesday, March 30, 2010

quik entry

alas another entry, but short.....got a hike in today with my doggies. first time I've taken these 2 out for more than 30mins. it was a great 1hr hike, but we all were draggin ass the last 15mins especially since it was all uphill on the way back. today was the first time Jimmy showed a little of his age. heck he's almost 12yrs old, will be this summer. but we made it. and now I know Ms. Boo's hips can handle the hiking. so I'll start shootin' to do this 5 days a week for us, Mon-Fri, when so few people are out there. we'll all get our exercise in plus I'll get started on the gym finally too with sum weights. hiking and weights, my summer agenda to lose 20lbs or so. anyways, a great day today.
...in the meantime, I may knot be on here for the next month. starting next week we are having class twice a week. we're pushing to get done so we have the whole month of May to prepare and take the written exam. I'm sooo anxious for this to be over with. almost there. once I'm done with the written exam, I'm going to play. then I'll have something to write about here as well. nothing but class and work going on now. a bit boring actually. so that's about it 4 now. I'll be on here when I can, but otherwise, don't plan on seeing me until May...take care and I'll at least try and stop by your journals. Have a Happy Easter!!!

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Indigo said...

Happy Easter sweet friend, I'll be thinking about you. The weather is stormy as can be the last few days. Hoping for sometime outside with Pickles by this weekend. (Hugs)Indigo