Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars

so I watched the last 45 mins or so of the Academy Awards show last night, just in time to see who won Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. I have yet to see The Blind Side, but I absolutely Love Sandra Bullock who won the Best Actress Oscar last night. now for sure I'll head out to see this movie. in addition I had already heard that Crazy Hearts was a great movie and Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor award for the lead in that movie. I also was surprised by Best Picture going to Hurt Locker. another movie to add to my must see movie list. Hurt Locker came away with more Oscars than Avatar and I can't say how much I Loved that movie. so I'll start this weekend and get one movie per week in until I see all 3 of these movies and another one or two. don't want to wait until they're on tv to see them as I finally saw Coyote Ugly last night on the groove tube. that was a fun and entertaining movie. always wanted to see it, but just finally got around to it. was headed out to see Invictus on Saturday night, but I got a call to attend an awards show here in town. our church was nominated as one of 3 best places to worship for the gay community. there were sum who were knot able to attend, so I was called at the last minute. it was an ok evening, but knot really my thing. once the award was announced, I left along with a couple other people. besides we had to be at church the next morning rather early. so it's been awards weekend. knot much else going on. it's rainy as it rolled in last night with sum thunderstorms, lightening cracking everywhere. as the dreary day begins, think i'll finally get started at the gym. i could use sum invigorating excitement right now. then time to focus on my homework and head to work. another mundane day in the life of me....

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