Monday, May 31, 2010

Crazy Heart

so I watch this movie tonight.....Crazy Heart...starring Jeff Bridges who won the best actor Oscar for this movie. he did a great job. it was a good movie although it didn't do a lot for me tonight. but then again, knot sure any movie wood do much for me tonight. it's been one of those days. think the blues have me today. did take the doggies for a short hike. realized it was too hot already for my Boo. it wasn't really that hot yet, but what I realized, that bright sun on my baby's black coat is too much for her. now my boy has a black coat too, but he does better in the sun than her for sum reason. but knot only was it the sun, but the whole city must have been on the trails today which I wasn't expecting as many people. granted I know it's a holiday, but figured people were out of town. looks like many stayed home. even doing a little shopping today, there were plenty of people. so anyways, tomorrow I'll start taking my kids earlier in the morn and maybe where there are trees too to keep 'em cool. but my hiking was the best part of my day although short. it's all quiet now. have seen enough TV for the day so think I'll grab another Hillerman. it's going to be a busy day tomorrow. so will just rest for the remainder of the evening...Life is still Good....

a salute on Memorial Day!

in Honor of all our Troops, present and past, who have served our country for our Freedom!!!!.....have a great Memorial Day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

sweatin' n the sun

the days are bright and sunny finally, although there's a few scattered showers forecast-ed. bring on the rain. it hasn't gotten too hot yet, but I'm still sweatin' profusely while at work. but hey I'd rather sweat it out in the heat than be in air conditioning. ac is just knot my forte. but the job is going well. today I got a little flustered gassing up, none of the pumps worked properly when I used my card. I hope it isn't the card. all prompts went ok, but then the damn pumps woodn't turn on. it was the end of my shift and I was fried after trying 3 different pumps. did get the gas, but it was frustrating and the sales clerks had no clue as to what I was talking about..go figure. will see tomorrow when i do it all over again. anyways, I'm lovin' the new job. wood do it more often if i could. this is my cup of tea. Love being outside again. I Love the outdoors. so Life is Good right now! movin' on. the camping trip is back on for next week regardless of weather. ok minus a monsoon moment should it arrive. and now to chill for the remainder of the day. have a great one!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

down on the farm

this farm was huge, or so it seemed, in the Botanical Gardens I visited a few days ago. it even had a few animals in the barn. they were growing plenty. the farm must have been at least 5acres. it was way kewl...loved the windmill standing....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yellow ....

good day @ the new job today. one more day training...then I'm on my's all good!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a a rose....

butterfly hotel

more butterflies.....
each uniquely beautiful.....
I Love butterflies........

Monday, May 24, 2010

camping postponed...

it's a Good day in the neighborhood.....well today I went into the new job to do paperwork and pick up uniforms. while there, I was asked to work a couple extra days this week for training purposes. I said sure of course despite my heart was already sunk into going camping. but hey, I can delay it a week. I''ll have plenty time off b4 my work days for next week. nothing is loss and everything is being, since the camping was delayed, I opted for a photo shoot @ our Botanical Gardens. you actually get to do the Aquarium as well, 2 for the price of 1. I've never been to these places since living here like 4ever. I had heard that there was a Butterfly Pavilion and I arrived just in time-it opened this weekend. couldn't have timed it more anyways, alas, above is one of the few good photos I got of butterflies. I Love butterflies, so I'm ecstatic with these few shots. I'll post more in the days to come as well as other photos captured today. it's been a fun afternoon. now to chill and watch my Red Sox play tonight on ESPN. another day of taking it easy down the slow lane. now it feels like retirement in lieu of work...woo hoo!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


i did NOTHING today except vegge in front of the TV. knot that I wood call it Life, but hey, I've had a weekend of just chillin' doing nothing much of anything but chillin'. whatever I want when I wanted it. my first full weekend in like ages, life times ago....NICE!!!!

ladder up

Saturday, May 22, 2010

somewhere near

in about 72hrs or less, I'll be knot far away from the above area, into the wilderness, camping and hanging out....I'm counting down the minutes. today I purchased the last bit of equipment needed for my trip. got a great deal on a backpacking stove. just perfect for me and what I want to do outdoors......I can hardly wait til Tuesday....

Friday, May 21, 2010

end of the trail...

so today was my LAST day of work @ the church. time to move along. I sit havin' a cold one, relaxing for the evening. I'm sooo happy! time to move on to new adventures similar to old adventures. I have a week off minus one day to go into the new job and pick up uniforms. 2 of those days this week, I'll be camping. I'm soooo looking forward to that. just to be out in nature and have sum solitude. tomorrow I'll finish gettin' my camping equipment. just a few things to pick up. then I'm ready for the summer and more camping. I hope the weather stays nice as it has been this week. it even got up to 90 today. anyhow, the next couple days I'm chillin at home. can't do much, I twisted my ankle today. it's knot too bad, but I'm hobbling a little. anyways a toast to new journeys in life. a much more simple life too.....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wink.....C.C. #51

I decided to use this entry for my Color Carnival for the week.....enjoy!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

standing tall

had a nice time out this evening @ BW3s with a friend. we realized it's been months since we'd been out together. did see her a few weeks ago for about an hour while doing the scrapbook. but tonight was a first real visit in a long time. very enjoyable. going to help her move in sum new furniture in the morn. we're both introverts and like spending lots of time alone. we're terrible, but I try to coax her out from time to time so she doesn't spend as much time alone. she does have sum work to keep her busy and out and about. just want to make sure she connects with friends on occasion. I know how it is, I'm can be just as bad, but I've gotten better about socializing a little. she's a great friend. great to see her tonight. thanks for dinner my friend.....

civil war....

good mornin'....I sit havin' my brew, listenin' to sum music to keep me calm. a bird sings outside my door...sitting here really seeing how one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. this one bad apple is at church, someone I struggle with. no one has gotten under my skin like her in over 20yrs. she does so with others too. I'm thinking she and I have our own civil war going on, quietly but is perfect timing that I leave now b4 it gets worse. 2 my amazement many others can't see the bad apple. it's as if many have blinders on. she has wrecked havoc often for years now, many people leaving just because of her. thank God for change that I'm taking. it'll be quieter where I'm going, sorta like my postal days, out on my own doing community work. I look forward to the solitude the meantime, I'm going camping next week. just for an overnighter. but that will be the perfect thing for me right now. time in nature just by myself. I've been hiking but had my doggies with me. that's been good too, but sometimes I need solitude from them. so I'll be off for a couple days in nature. I'll take the camera, never know what photos are there to be captured.....only a few more days and I'm outta there.....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

cheep rent

so it's Sunday evening. nothing on tv I want to watch. can't think of any particular movie I'd like to rent. it's all quiet. knot sure I want to sit and read-working on about 3 books...knot sure what I want to do with this evening. now if I only had a few bucks and didn't have to work tomorrow, think I'd go spend the night somewhere. perhaps next week when I'm off....I can feel me letting go finally of the church, more and more each day anyways..feel the's all good!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Color Carnival #50

my Color Carnival this week>>>>>>>>>see more colorful photos by clicking on my sidebar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> down, 4 to go, days of work at the church. I'm about to step away finally from needing to do so for months has been a journey there. only time will tell if I return. I am involved in getting an outing for the community @ the baseball park. so may have to linger for a little while longer but won't have to be there on Sundays but for a few of them. I sense a change already. it can only be Good. I've learned much..more than I ever thought possible about churches. all part of my life lessons. it's one thing to just attend Sunday services and classes. it's totally a different experience when working or volunteering basically on a full time basis. I'm knot there for the 'politics' but been in the thick of them because of my employment. now I can bless and release it. I can start my healing for once and for all. time does heal. a new journey is on the horizon...........................................

woo hoo!!!!!!.......hired!

Woo Hooooo!!!!!! the call this morn. I'm hired. will start the new job in 2 weeks. I'll work just 2 days a week, maybe occasionally a third. woo hooo! I'm lovin' it!!! already sent my resignation in this morn. will take a week off b4 starting the new job and go camping, hiking or to Bandelier Nat'l Park again. just be in Nature. I'm on cloud 9....this will keep me going for the next week. my ship has finally come in!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010's making me wait

perhaps a better photo of the kingfisher.......anyways, this afternoon, about a couple hours ago, I interviewed for a new job. now I wait, anticipating, for the call that I'm hired. I'll know within the next couple hours for absolutely sure. my friend Paul, and former boss, gave me the heads up on this job where he is. I did talk to him after the interview and he said for sure the supervisor would call to let me know I'm hired.....anticipation, it's keeping me keep your fingers crossed for me..WHEN I get it...I'm affirming that I will....I'll be out of the church in less than 2 weeks, about 12days. I'm ecstatic, but I will definitely be jumping for joy once I get that phone call!

Monday, May 10, 2010


thought I'd put sum more Gathering of Nations Pow Wow photos on here. there's quite a few and the tough choice is which one to put on here.......anyways, I'm sitting here tonight debating which book to start reading again. there are a few books of Ramtha's I want to reread. there are a few others I have yet to read at all. I just finished my second Tony Hillerman book, but I'm ready for a change. there are more books in the mail for me I'm waiting for their arrival. loads of books to read this summer and more to order and cds to listen. much to do....I'll also start my exercise program and hiking with and without my doggies on a regular basis. that's my beginning for now. all this up my sleeve after going to the mountains for the afternoon. much needed to refresh my mind. more photos will be in the works as well. a little travel. one day at a time. that's all I have. It's all Good.....Life is Good is all journey continues with much excitement and anticipation...

the young...

beautiful yet windy Monday morn....all quiet otherwise....I sit pondering what to do with my life now. I found my 'spiritual' path again so to speak. back to Ramtha's teachings. yesterday listened to a set of cds of his I ordered recently. was reminded about a couple things I'm still working on, one being forgiveness. that's hard sometimes especially when it comes to forgiving myself. but forgiveness does work. as I work on it, I NEED to be in NATURE often as possible. I'll do my hiking, camping and spending time by the moonlight. never get enough of it really. just thinking yesterday that I had wished I had knot moved in from the mountains, but It's all Good. I might knot have ever gotten a computer and would knot have my blog here, meeting some wonderful blogger friends. the journey is good next move will be back into the mountains or nature somewhere. don't know yet whether it'll be this state or another one. I have plenty time to think about it.....interesting. I had sum revelations listening to Ramtha this weekend. now I really question my next steps in life. to be or knot to be is the question......

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

here's to all moms and grandmas. have a great day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lunch time!!!

so I'm taking a break from cleaning my philosophy on cleaning is "when I get the urge to clean, I lay down until it passes"-I have a sign of this on my wall. well today I couldn't pass on it. time arrived to clean. I'm enjoying it for once at the moment. keeping my mind occupied other than church business. it's all good......the young men pictured above wood knot look up for any reasons while I photographed them. the photo is good regardless. just found it interesting. they were actors on the job. guess they wanted to get lost in the is another beautiful spring day. our regular weather has arrived for this time of year. for the past few weeks it has been unusually cold and it's been cold here in my hovel, but I refused to turn on the heat. it was only a few days span at a time, but this last time, I thought I woodn't ever thaw out. anyways, all is good this day. another quiet day at home. Life is Good today!....time for lunch!

rebel with a cause

so I've been laying in my bed for a few hours,, knot sleeping. quiet enveloped me, but then I turned on my Native American flute music which usually helps me sleep. knot tonight. but alas, I got sum CLARITY...I've got 2 go....first to kentucky to see my son next month. actually both kids and all the grandkids and in-laws.....but more importantly when I return, it's time to leave my job at the church. I think it was clear a few months ago, but then so much happened. it all came back to me tonight. I realized my scars are being hit by one person in particular there aside from all the other pain I have felt for months now. it is clear that I need to leave for my health and well being above all else. I'll get more jeep repairs done, then come August or September, resign. I wonder how I've hung on for so long, but sum how I've managed. if I leave sooner than that, it will be because of this one person getting a particular job there. that wood mean I'd have to work with her and we've been there and done that, knot really working well together at all. so I'm keeping September in focus, but first off to kentucky....I've spent a lot of quiet time listening to the wisdom of my soul. it gave me these answers tonight again. I must follow through.....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

school's in

quiet on the southwestern front

Healing does not come
from anyone else.
You must accept guidance
from within.
-A Course in Miracles
(Text, pg 134)

another quiet morn....I played in photoshop this morn completing finishing touchings on the Pow Wow & Civil War photos. all that I am going to do that is. interesting, yesterday I learned that where I get my photos printed, the bulk of them, they already have sepia in the machine. so I tested it and compared to ones I had already sepia toned. great results. so I gained insight as to knot be so quick to alter in photoshop and lose the original. now I will just save a copy to the side once altered on sum. will give me more flexibility with my photos in the future as's all good.
in the meantime, I am contemplating, reflecting, questioning and rediscovering what spirituality is really. the past 2 days I came back to a place of love and humbleness, therefore I'm more open to possibilities. the last month has been really painful for several different reasons. this last year has been painful for several different people and various reasons. I lost hope last month after enduring it all-2 friends lost 2 cancer, 1 lost friendship, much turmoil at church, & 1 minister whom I love dearly has moved on. perhaps it was my breaking point last month. can I endure anymore I anyways, I found this prayer (above) in my prayer book. just what I needed. here's HOPE-ing the days get better and so do I.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

it's monday....

I'm tired from a busy weekend. my 'week' is really from Thurs-Mon either from all work, lately a little play included. by the time Monday gets here, I want to stay home, rest and do sum cleaning. but again I have errands today, then work this evening. this is the day I feel there's knot enough time in it. too much to do and little energy for it. I'm headed to pay a couple bills and get sum photos done for a scrapbook friends and I put together for Rev Julie. it's all but done. I have a little bit of final touches. it was a fun afternoon yesterday over pizza & beer, stories told, lots of laughter & love, and a few tears shed. it was a fun project. I thought it'd take a few days to do it, but with one creative genius in the group, her idea, we managed to finish it in a few hours. it turned out perfect considering we had tons of photos and love letters plus a few extra items to put in it. anyways, I'll finish it up within a couple days and then mail it this week....thank goodness I'm off the next couple days. time to spend with my doggies, hiking and playing. another 'week' is done.....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ode to photoshop

a short note tonight.....first I'm testing to see if this photo wood upload from my documents. it's been so long since I used sepia, that I chose this pot I shot today as a test drive. I did make it to the Civil War reenactment today @ Las Golondrinas. had a great time! will play with sepia sum for sum of the photos I took and post them here. will leave sum in's been a long day. play then work with a cold one in between. I met another photographer at the museum. got sum good tips from him today and he had some photos in sepia as well that he had shot up there. had sum other great photos and he too didn't get any education regarding photography. i've had very little myself and contemplate whether to do more schooling just to see if there's anything else for me to learn..probably. anyways, more on the re-enactment soon.....