Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lunch time!!!

so I'm taking a break from cleaning my philosophy on cleaning is "when I get the urge to clean, I lay down until it passes"-I have a sign of this on my wall. well today I couldn't pass on it. time arrived to clean. I'm enjoying it for once at the moment. keeping my mind occupied other than church business. it's all good......the young men pictured above wood knot look up for any reasons while I photographed them. the photo is good regardless. just found it interesting. they were actors on the job. guess they wanted to get lost in the is another beautiful spring day. our regular weather has arrived for this time of year. for the past few weeks it has been unusually cold and it's been cold here in my hovel, but I refused to turn on the heat. it was only a few days span at a time, but this last time, I thought I woodn't ever thaw out. anyways, all is good this day. another quiet day at home. Life is Good today!....time for lunch!

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