Wednesday, May 5, 2010

rebel with a cause

so I've been laying in my bed for a few hours,, knot sleeping. quiet enveloped me, but then I turned on my Native American flute music which usually helps me sleep. knot tonight. but alas, I got sum CLARITY...I've got 2 go....first to kentucky to see my son next month. actually both kids and all the grandkids and in-laws.....but more importantly when I return, it's time to leave my job at the church. I think it was clear a few months ago, but then so much happened. it all came back to me tonight. I realized my scars are being hit by one person in particular there aside from all the other pain I have felt for months now. it is clear that I need to leave for my health and well being above all else. I'll get more jeep repairs done, then come August or September, resign. I wonder how I've hung on for so long, but sum how I've managed. if I leave sooner than that, it will be because of this one person getting a particular job there. that wood mean I'd have to work with her and we've been there and done that, knot really working well together at all. so I'm keeping September in focus, but first off to kentucky....I've spent a lot of quiet time listening to the wisdom of my soul. it gave me these answers tonight again. I must follow through.....

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