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decorated wrist

another look

so this is a repost.....I'm lookin' @ this one for possibly entering it into and Arts & Craft show @ the VA. the next few entries I'll be lookin' @ old photos in order to select one or two for the contest...should I do it....will let you know. it'd be my first show and it's free except for the cost to print, matte and frame the photo....which I may knot have the dough to actually do it this time. it's all good. there are plenty of shows to enter. now is a good time to explore photos for future shows....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

holdin' on

so this is a ladder that stands in my back yard. I have had it for over 20yrs. in times past in was in my living room and wishin' it still was. but at the moment the snow holds on. much more snow last night and more to come today & tomorrow. if the roads clear, I'll head to the mountains for more snow scenery. enjoying it right now in my yard.....