Monday, November 30, 2009

cleanin' house

Good Mornin'! the sun is rising and I sit with my brew vegging on my pc here. just catchin' up with sum blogs. in doing so I also deleted sum that I was following. i had started following sum because of their photos but sum of them blog daily and i'd miss my regular following, although i'm knot on here daily nowadays. busy with class as usual. right now workin' on a paper due in it soon. thoughts on paper but knot finished...anyways, it's nice veggin' this morn to rest me brain. in the meantime, i took the above photo the first of this month @ our Harvest Festival. this little girl stole my heart. her parents allowed me to post her on our church's website so i figured i could do so here as well. she's absolutely adorable. a bright of sunshine when i see her.......i had a great Thanksgiving visiting friends that evening. during the day i vegge with a book and football. the book was for the paper. this last week i was off totally from class and less work too. it's been nice and relaxing for once in awhile now. i even put up my purple Christmas tree already, which is unusual for me. anyways, it's been nice chillin' for a few days. now back focusing on class homework and all it entails. It's all Good. Life is better for now. no blues for a week either. i'm ecstatic about that. got to see my therapist during that time too. she's always so helpful. again, Life is Good right now. I am blessed and thankful for all that i have.....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

kilroy was here

it's Thanksgiving eve. I just finished editing sum photos in photoshop and was reminded of Kilroy. Kilroy made it on the side of an ol' Army jeep or truck. looks about how I feel at the moment only wanting to edge my head out. but all is well. this month's has been a lot of blues. Thank God for my therapist to patch me back up and move me along. saw her today. so now I'm ready for Turkey day. spending the evening with new friends. shall be interesting with this shy self. other than that, I'm chillin' for the entire day before hand. the weather has been beautiful for the 50s, but colder weather is just before us and it isn't officially winter yet. Life is good otherwise. the more I play with my photos, the more I want to play photographer. just did a project for our church the other night thanks to it turned out great. now hanging on the wall in our foyer. can't wait for class to be finished because then I'm doing nothing but photographs for awhile. all fun in the sun for the meantime, another road trip is on the horizon for shootin' photos. as soon as next week. will post asap....for now, I'll sign off until tomorrow...

fast cars

my dream car should I ever give up on my Jeeps.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Color Carnival #30

hope this isn't a repeat, but here is my photo 4 Color Carnival this week. since this will be the last one for awhile, hopefully I can get out to shoot more colorful shots. I know I'll have a little time off from class soon as well as next month for the holidays. just to get out and take more photos will be nice regardless. that will happen in between homework. need to read a book, then write a paper for class this next week. but should be able to have sum fun time soon. in the meantime, don't forget to see more colorful shots over @ Color Carnival>>>>go to my side bar and click on Color Carnival>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

kewl ride!

Monday, November 16, 2009

my kind of truck

well I could go for this truck just to cruise around in the city....'s been awhile since I posted, or so it seems. the weather here as turned cold but still slightly on the warmer side compared to other places in the states. it's been a struggling month for me, but I'm hangin' in there. sometimes I just want to hit the road and don't come back no more no more. but here I stay. this week I hope to get into the mountains again. that's been awhile too. been delaying that because of jeep repairs. still more to come, but I think she'll be fine to at least climb the back side of the mountain. it has snowed up there and I"d like some photos of it for once. in the meatime, I'm busy with work and class. that's about all I"m doin'. ready for a road trip as soon as ALL the repairs are done on the Jeep. so about Christmas time. can't believe the holidays are upon us already, just round the corner that is. look forward to the down time that comes with it. hopefully get out to the mountains then too. so ready for a break in Life. any get away I can....well that's it for now. more in the days to come....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Color Carnival....a salute to our Veterans!

another salute to our Veterans....from the parade....these are my gay brothers and sisters who served in our Armed Forces. such courage to march in pride with other Veterans...don't forget to enjoy other Color Carnival photos. click on the side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


so, this guy reminds me of MacArthur, or was it somebody else who had the pipe? anyways, tonight I had my free steak dinner @ Applebee's. THANK YOU Applebee's for remembering us today...anyways, I sat at the bar because the place was just packed. it was suppose to be an hour wait and since it was just me tonight, the bar was perfect seating. well no sooner had I sat, the gentlemen next to me left.. well immediately upon him leaving his chair, an older woman and 'younger' man seated themselves. well lo & behold, this 'older' woman, in her 70s at least, was a Veteran. I would have loved to hear her stories. was she from the MacArthur era? I have no clue. I would have asked, but the 'younger' man (still older than me), seemed to command her attention. what an honor to even come across a WOMAN who served long time ago. the younger man said something about WWII. was that the time women here in the states served initially? my history/herstory is slipping my mind. my goodness, women serving back then was their own chapter. what a moment tonight for me. so that topped my day. any history buffs can update me on this if you'd like. right now I have to do homework. so maybe in the next few days, I can go google women and WWII. .....more parade photos soon....

Veteran's Day

GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.... I went to the Veteran's Day Parade. here are a few photos I captured. more to come....Thank You Applebee's for our free meal today and recognizing our Veterans!....

Saturday, November 7, 2009


99% of the time when I capture my "brother" in a photo, his eyes are closed. here he is doin' it still a great brother.....anyways, this afternoon I had a great visit with a new friend. we've been workin on havin' coffee for a week, when alas, today was the day, although it was more than coffee. met her at a VCA Animal Hospital to support her while her dog is in there. then we headed off to BW3 otherwise known truly as Buffalo Wings. didn't even know it was just down the street so to speak from me. great place. great wings. will go there again just to hang out and watch football games, or other sports. it was great getting to know a new friend. met her at church. she's fairly new to NM too, but moved from Kentucky from whence she's from. had to get to know another Kentucky birthplace=Kentucky! anyways, I now have someone new to hang out with and potential to meet even more people through her. there are a few other new people at church which she indicated will be getting together in time. i'm invited and look forward to expanding my arena of friendships and socializing. secret: I haven't done a lot of socializing but with a rare few friends. so I look forward to expanding my horizon. who knows maybe eventually meet a potential mate. anyways, this afternoon was great for me too since I've had the blues today again. great way to take away the blues. great conversation with great to unwind some more tonight....have a blessed day/evening....week!


C.C. #28...more halloween

more from our Harvest Festival last weekend for my Color Carnival this week. be sure to visit other photos ...see my sidebar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

i see dead people...

so a little Halloween @ church day started with the above line in a sports news item. cracked me up. great way to start a pretty good day. we had the Harvest Festival today put on by our Youth group including a Haunted House. lots of fun for the kids, big & small..& those so called adults photos to come. for now it's off to continue with the World Series. who knows who will win this series the way things keep changing so quickly in these games....have a great one!