Saturday, November 7, 2009


99% of the time when I capture my "brother" in a photo, his eyes are closed. here he is doin' it still a great brother.....anyways, this afternoon I had a great visit with a new friend. we've been workin on havin' coffee for a week, when alas, today was the day, although it was more than coffee. met her at a VCA Animal Hospital to support her while her dog is in there. then we headed off to BW3 otherwise known truly as Buffalo Wings. didn't even know it was just down the street so to speak from me. great place. great wings. will go there again just to hang out and watch football games, or other sports. it was great getting to know a new friend. met her at church. she's fairly new to NM too, but moved from Kentucky from whence she's from. had to get to know another Kentucky birthplace=Kentucky! anyways, I now have someone new to hang out with and potential to meet even more people through her. there are a few other new people at church which she indicated will be getting together in time. i'm invited and look forward to expanding my arena of friendships and socializing. secret: I haven't done a lot of socializing but with a rare few friends. so I look forward to expanding my horizon. who knows maybe eventually meet a potential mate. anyways, this afternoon was great for me too since I've had the blues today again. great way to take away the blues. great conversation with great to unwind some more tonight....have a blessed day/evening....week!


Martha (Menagerie) said...

Hope your blues are cured by color - thanks for posting for the Color Carnival even in your blue mood. Love your zebra post too by the way :-)

Jeannette said...

Oh that photo did make me laugh. Glad you had a good time and I hope by now that you are feeling a lot less blue.

~ Lor said...

Hope you are feeling happy today. Looking at your pictures made me smile. I needed some of that too today, so thanks friend! ~ Lori