Friday, May 28, 2010

sweatin' n the sun

the days are bright and sunny finally, although there's a few scattered showers forecast-ed. bring on the rain. it hasn't gotten too hot yet, but I'm still sweatin' profusely while at work. but hey I'd rather sweat it out in the heat than be in air conditioning. ac is just knot my forte. but the job is going well. today I got a little flustered gassing up, none of the pumps worked properly when I used my card. I hope it isn't the card. all prompts went ok, but then the damn pumps woodn't turn on. it was the end of my shift and I was fried after trying 3 different pumps. did get the gas, but it was frustrating and the sales clerks had no clue as to what I was talking about..go figure. will see tomorrow when i do it all over again. anyways, I'm lovin' the new job. wood do it more often if i could. this is my cup of tea. Love being outside again. I Love the outdoors. so Life is Good right now! movin' on. the camping trip is back on for next week regardless of weather. ok minus a monsoon moment should it arrive. and now to chill for the remainder of the day. have a great one!

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Jimmy's Journal said...

Great pictures! In fact, all of your pics seemed to brighten your blog.

Have a great weekend!