Tuesday, May 4, 2010

quiet on the southwestern front

Healing does not come
from anyone else.
You must accept guidance
from within.
-A Course in Miracles
(Text, pg 134)

another quiet morn....I played in photoshop this morn completing finishing touchings on the Pow Wow & Civil War photos. all that I am going to do that is. interesting, yesterday I learned that where I get my photos printed, the bulk of them, they already have sepia in the machine. so I tested it and compared to ones I had already sepia toned. great results. so I gained insight as to knot be so quick to alter in photoshop and lose the original. now I will just save a copy to the side once altered on sum. will give me more flexibility with my photos in the future as well..it's all good.
in the meantime, I am contemplating, reflecting, questioning and rediscovering what spirituality is really. the past 2 days I came back to a place of love and humbleness, therefore I'm more open to possibilities. the last month has been really painful for several different reasons. this last year has been painful for several different people and various reasons. I lost hope last month after enduring it all-2 friends lost 2 cancer, 1 lost friendship, much turmoil at church, & 1 minister whom I love dearly has moved on. perhaps it was my breaking point last month. can I endure anymore I ask......so anyways, I found this prayer (above) in my prayer book. just what I needed. here's HOPE-ing the days get better and so do I.....

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