Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Proposal

so I went to rent a movie tonight. 2 of the Oscar nods are now on DVD but were all rented tonight. but first I had to find another place to rent movies. the local Hollywood Video I usually go to is now going out of business. it was only a few years ago that Blockbuster Video all but left town. thank goodness I found a place nearby, the local Hastings Bookstore. anyways, I wanted to rent The Hurt Locker or Precious only to find empty shelves. well I had yet to see The Proposal, so opted for it. good movie for me tonight since i've been blue lately. this was a lot of fun and laughter. of course the romance was good too. sorry I didn't see it earlier. another one that I finally got around seeing the other night was Coyote Ugly. that was on TV. but hey better late than never. with the continual changing of video stores, I think it's a sign I get to the theaters b4 they become DVDs. otherwise i'll have to start buying them in order to see them. i rarely buy a movie because it basically sits and collects dust. anyways, a fun night with The Proposal. the only comment I have is how does one fall in love in a matter of a few days as movies seem to show for awhile now. not that it isn't possible, but seemingly not realistic. all in the name of Love I suppose. now if I could only find that right person in a few days......lol.......now for tomorrow. to get back motivated with homework-ugh!....O btw, I did have a nice dinner at friends tonight. that started the evening off just right.....hurry up class and be over!!!!!!

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Cheryl Patterson said...

Re: finding the right person in a few days...yes, that would be a neat trick, wouldn't it!

But I do love the idea of settling into a good movie too. I think I'll make it a goal this week. It's been a while. Thanks for the idea!

All the best,