Monday, March 1, 2010

it's March already..

alas, March is here. Spring is officially here in a few weeks, but as usual here, it has begun to warm up a tidbit. I can almost put away my winter clothing. I said almost. usually another few days of winter will come back b4 the totally close of winter. but I'm anxious. the sun has been out shining latley which makes my day. how I managed to live in other states with less sunshine is beyond me now. I am spoiled by the weather here. there was a time I used to miss the snow. those days are long gone. only the cold winter wind reminds me mostly that it's winter.
....anyways, as reminded by a friend tonight, I need to take a vacation from church. she's soooo right. so maybe a day trip somewhere soon. I'll contemplate 'where' soon and plan accordingly. but I think I need to repair my Jeep first...again...another $1200 bill repair today-UGH!!! ok my Jeep is 12 yrs old. she runs great. guess it's just her time for repairs at the moment. a few bucks now, she may last me another 10yrs. but ode to the pocket book.....
.....but the great news I received today was a video of my grandbaby crawling. she just started to crawl and my DIL was kind enough to send me a video. O she looks sooo sweet and adorable still. can't wait to see her this year. yesterday is knot soon enough, but I'll wait patiently. with Jeep repairs I 'may' have delay the trip a couple months, but maybe knot. will see, but repairs must be done if I'm going to drive her back to KY. maybe I"ll reconsider flying. I'll decide by September which is my first inclination to go. anyways, great to have this video. made my day!!!
....The Olympics are over. it was fun while it lasted. didn't get into much of the commentary and stayed out of the hype, but really enjoyed the athletes as they competed. O to be young again. but hey I joined a gym which I will start hopefully sometime this week, no later than this next Monday. it's within walking distance and only cost $20 a month. couldn't pass that up...and I'm determined to lose 15 lbs or more this year. they have a stair stepper-or I think that's what it's called. I look forward to working out on that to get me ready for the hiking trails. anxious to get on those trails by June and back with my hiking group. I've missed them. anxious period to be finished with class. it's too long of a haul but just about 2/3rds done. continuing the grind although it feels like a snail's pace. ho hum...Life Goes On....


Julie said...

I am glad winter is over, can't wait for the snow to melt and to get rid of the winter clothes.

Cheryl Patterson said...

I can't wait till Spring either... It's definitely in the air here too (Canada).

And if I were in a warmer climate, I don't know that I'd miss the winter's either - the snow removal and very cold days... I definitely can do with a little less of that.

But we've had a mild winter here this year - a nice easy one for a change. And today (as with recent days) the sun is shining brightly and it's warm... I'm going to take my little one (daughter) out for a walk shortly.

Have a nice day.