Friday, April 24, 2009

a sneak peak

so here's part of my tattoo on my back. this is just the eagle that i recently had worked on. by itself it is huge. the artist figured it was about 10 inches. once the whole tattoo is completed, i'll have another photo taken. anyways, i like this eagle and how she did a great job on it. originally the head was not much of anything so she drew a different and better head on it. she filled in the details too for it was basically an outline. can't wait to finish the whole thing. my goal is to have it completed by september. maybe 2 or 3 more sittings. i can take only so much on my back. next step is to finish the wolves i have on there. then add sum coloring in the middle where it all connects. i may take photos one step at a time, then the whole the meantime, i'm feelin' a tidbit better, but it's a slow recovery. think i got that crud after all-YUK! all in time it'll be gone.
on another note, say prayers for my niece Jorje>see photo to the side. she had surgery yesterday only to run into complications. she's in intensive care at the moment but will be fine. scared the hell out of me when i found out this morn. i know and affirm Divine Right action is taking place and she's in good hands. but i ask for as many prayers as she can get for a speedier recovery. she has babies, literally, to take care at home. for now my mother and her mother (my sister) will take care of her. Blessings for all your prayers....Thank you!


Julie said...

The tattoo is large. I would not be able to stand the jabbing I think. How long is it tender after? Hope your niece recovers quickly.

Robin said...

very cool!