Thursday, April 9, 2009

webshots desktop

thursday morn. i sit listening to Taylor Swift singing White Horse on the radio. it's one of my favorite tunes nowadays. the weather is windy again as predicted. for once the weatherman got the weather this morn i feel i finally came down to earth. now it would take a book to explain why, but it's mostly feeling like i've got my feet on the ground since the beginning of my illness over 15yrs ago. since coming off prozac last summer, i have been feeling sooo much better. and i'm feeling more grounded in my spirituality as well. that was all mixed up in my psychosis too. when i came out of it, i came close to being an atheist, but fortunately i didn't go that way. so now, here i am, in church and on my feet again. it feels sooooo good. when you experience different realities of sorts, it's nice to be so NORMAL again. whatever normal really anyways, it's a good day. i'm headed out on my bike again just for the ride. i'm so happy i took it off the market. Life is much sweeter now knowing i can hop on it anytime and go anywhere, any time. now to just win the lottery for even better

in the meantime, a couple days ago, i downloaded Webshots Desktop. i found a photo on wanted to download as wallpaper and in hopes to keep my screensaver. well lost my screensaver,, but that's ok, it was just a photo of mine. anyway, since loading it, i'm getting all kinds of cool and wonderful photos showing. they're just awesome and beautiful. this is good since i study other photos to assist in achieving mine. i just LOVE photography. after this morning and feeling back to earth, think i'll go for that photography degree in lieu of the ministry first. it'll take awhile, but hey, time is an illusion and i have plenty of it. i want to enJOY my time as much as possible nowadays. life has been difficult enough already. time to play. time to laugh. time to have fun. so i'm off to do some of that right now. have a great day!


~ Lor said...

Thanks for being my first "follower" :)
I think the photography degree will be wonderful for you. You're already excellent and it's something that's been in your heart for quite some time now. I'm quite sure you can't go wrong following your dreams. hugs ~ Lori

Julie said...

Whatever normal is indeed. Who is to say, right! I think I would go for the photography also, so much fun. I have had photo's on webshots for a long time. They have a good site.