Sunday, April 12, 2009

Breath of the Heart

-by Krishna Das I listen to this cd. i just got home only moments ago from a 10hr day at church. i picked this cd up from there and love the music or chant or both of what it is. i first heard it about a month ago while in our bookstore talking to my employee (who at the moment runs the bookstore). she had this playing. i finally remembered to go back and pick it up. she gave me a discount too. she also gave me a discount on 2 affirmation blankets, one of which i'll give to my grandbaby arriving into this world next month. i got her the COURAGE affirmation wrap. it is pink in color, but most of all i love the affirmation on it. i have one of these myself. so like grandma (me), like grandbaby...anyway, this cd is wonderful. their websit is i have yet to visit the website, but i'm sure you'll be able to find it there. anyways, it's peaceful yet energizing too and so much more that words cannot express. i'll listen to it daily for awhile. not sure i'd get tired of it, i enjoy it that much.

so the day was long. had to clean and set up our social hall for a memorial service tomorrow after sunday services (and it aint a small room). then after a late afternoon class, i had to move one room to another (after cleaning it out). we're moving our bookstore down into one of these rooms from the social hall. there's lots of changes going on. i wonder if it'll slow down soon. i'm exhausted from the past 3days. then i'm back at it tomorrow to assist our new youth minister in getting set up in her rooms. hurry up tuesday so i can rest. and that's where i'm headed now. just chill out for the rest of the evening. i'll be back soon. HUGZ!!!

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Julie said...

Won't be long now and you'll be a gramma, what fun.