Sunday, September 12, 2010

knot on our soil

....last night I watched a video sent to me by a fellow postal worker who served at least 2 tours in Iraq. she sent me a video of a young girl, 12-13yrs old, being stoned to death because of a Muslim Law. the girl refused to marry an elderly man which she was chosen to marry. she stood up for what she believed in and lost her life for it. I commend her Courage but am enraged by this horrific act decreed by Sharia Law, a Muslim Law. there was a message with the video indicating sum of these laws have been established here in the USA. I will NOT stand for this. knot on our soil. ....and I think we should be stopping this in other countries too. I find myself re-examining other religious views. I now know I need to learn more about the Muslim laws. I also haven't said much about the Muslim mosque they want to build near Ground Zero. I will now state I do NOT support that even though I am a democratic liberal. I don't always agree with our political views. I do support sum Republican views. where they want to build this mosque, I strongly feel is a very bad idea. so now I am on record for this. the last few years I have been re-examining my own political views. I will examine more intensely before voting again. there are so many horrendous acts as the aforementioned in this world and I've been asking why the hell hasn't the USA gone to stop these most violent acts against people. I have knot been very happy with our politics for awhile regardless of the President in office. the injustice to humanity around the world need to be stopped! this is where I stand! this is how I feel....p.s. if anyone wants to see this video I mentioned above, leave a comment with your email address and I'll forward it....I will never forget this girl!!!


Julie said...

The video was just terrifying that human life if valued so little, especially female lives. All those terrible men in the video. Not on our soil and it should never be on any soil. May God cushion that poor child in his loving arms, safe from the insanity of men.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great Post! I completely agree!