Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on my wall

good mornin'....it's a beautiful morn. I'm headed 2 the park for my birthday (which is today). just takin' it easy today and enjoying our weather. going to start reading Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. it'll take me awhile to read it, but I hear it's a good read......so pictured above is something I have on my wall here in my hovel. knot sure what came over me but had 2 have one of these..it's southwestern and definitely reminds me of it. may end up painting something on my but have yet 2 decide what exactly. all in time.....
in the meantime, in the previous entry I was thanking Jimmy for allowing me to become a member of Area 51. I now know knot 2 use that dark blue because you can hardly read it, or at least I can't. so that's why I'm making another note here. Thanks again Jimmy!!!!

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday Karen, we're birthday twins. Have a great day. Love the photo.