Saturday, September 18, 2010

more 3115

so I went yard sale shoppin' today. I'm off for once n a blue moon on a Saturday. anyways, I found me a really nice hiking stick for only $10. plus I found a nice wrench set for $5. Love them yard sales....after treating myself to breakfast, I headed over to Kurt's Camera Corral window shopping for a tripod and ball. after I buy me a new lens in a couple months, then I'll finally buy me a good tripod. my dear friend recently bought me a book on Digital Photography and it has these great tips in them. I've learned a few things already like for instance I can buy a macro filter to cover my zoom lens for macro shots in lieu of buying a whole new lens. that's perfect for me since I don't do very many close up shots. there have been sum other great tips in this book. I Love it!!! anyways, getttin' more excited about my photography as if I couldn't get anymore

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