Thursday, October 15, 2009

back 2 MATSIKO.....

wonderful cool morn. sittin with my brew pondering what 2 do today. then I remembered I need to finish up the MATSIKO photos. done editing (I think), but for now time to decide which photos to put on disk. so think I'll do that today while listening to sum's been quiet for me lately. knot much to post about. enjoying the serenity and solitude. haven't been out shooting photos lately. mostly resting up from all the events @ our church on the weekends. another one coming this weekend. then alas, no more for awhile. then maybe I can take a road trip. still working on those jeep repairs though. will think of somewhere to go soon. need a break from class already and it just started. was having second thoughts about it last night. will see if I finish this. shall be interesting to say the least. learn something new every day. time for a break. well I'm off....have a great weekend!

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