Friday, October 30, 2009

Color Carnival #27

so this is my Color Carnival for this week. pulled it out of my archives. of course these archives are only a few months old. it's time I get out and take more photos. this Sunday will be an opportunity @ church provided a lot of people wear their Halloween costumes. the Karaoke group came in tonight with theirs, but I didn't think to bring the camera. it was a rough day for me today, but I got thru it. felt better once I got to work and did something. now the catcher tonight is to get to sleep.....anyways, the past couple days have been cold winter days and it's only October. we've only hit a high about 45degrees which is a typical winter day here. this year's weather has been really odd all year long. but thankfully, this weekend we're back up to the mid 60s. I hope it lasts awhile before we get this cold again. not sure I want winter to arrive with 2 days like this already. we even had snow here in the mtns and here next to the mtns @ my place. brrrr....anyways, it's been a week of sorts. nothing much exciting happening but the World Series. I'm having a boring life right now. things are finally slowing down a bit at church. I'm catching up on much needed rest...and that's about it for now. Life is still Good!


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Happy Halloween, dear Lady.

Hope your in the best of health and keep going strong.

Take care & much hugs from a chilly Stockholmer


Julie said...

I like that picture. Take care

Martha (Menagerie) said...

What pretty art work! Have a safe and happy Halloween! :-)