Monday, October 26, 2009

Color Carnival #26

this is my CC for this week. something simple for now. will need to go find more photos soon, but it has gotten a bit cold this week. like the idea of staying inside, warm & cozy. it has finally slowed down a bit @ church, but long days on Sundays with our leadership meetings. it's interesting but will see if it helps bring our community together more. I sure hope so. otherwise, in the meantime, I'm just chillin' in my hovel. need to get going on myhomework for class this week. doing a lot of soul searching about becoming a spiritual counselor. It's all good. new growth, expansion and change for me. more than I thought would be.....fall is here and it's almost Halloween. been wondering what I would do on Halloween, but the World Series Baseball will be happening that, I'll be watching it..unless I should get a hot date, but nothing on the horizon for that at the moment. anyways, next Sunday if I'd like, I can dress up for church. there will be activities that day including a Haunted House the kids are putting on. should be loads of fun..i just remembered, I need to take my camera that day. taking photos is always fun for me. any who, I'm off. much to do with other photos right now too. I'm ready for a soon as my Jeep repairs are done...SOON!!!

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Martha (Menagerie) said...

Great Color Carnival shot!
Just saw your previous entry - prayers on the way for Matt! Keep us posted!