Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a cool one today..

it's a coool one today. actually a bit cold. only a high of 49 degrees today which is a 25+ drop from yesterday. northern New Mexico has a chance of snow already. it's knot Halloween already. that's when this chill usually rolls in. no sunshine today. totally overcast in rainy clouds. a good day to stay home, but I have errands for half the day. will be zipping in & out of the jeep. brrrr! knot ready for this. the weather has been soooo beautiful this past week. absolutely gorgeous. even went for a hike a few days ago. but tomorrow it's suppose to warm back up a little anyways. knot much happening in my life. just class and watchin' the ballgames. also still puttering around with jeep repairs. will be ecstatic when all that is done. otherwise, it's pretty darn quiet around here. nothing new. It's all Good. I've needed the rest lately. so until I see you, have a blessed day!


Julie said...

Glad your getting the rest you needed. The fall colors are lovely. All we have is rain.

Mary said...

Autumn is such a beautiful month. All the trees are dressed in their splashes of color and the world is rich and vibrant. Thank you for sharing.