Thursday, June 25, 2009

before and after???

so...this is the entrance of our church. the top photo is the original. the bottom is after adobe photoshop. tell me which one you like better? .......
right now it's 1am in the morn. fell asleep and woke up in the mid of the night. so i took a sleeping pill. tryin 2 fall asleep, i remembered i hadn't downloaded these photos. so here i am playin in adobe photoshop while still half asleep. a few weeks ago our minister opened the arena for anyone to come take photos around the church. we need photos of knot only our building but as well as events, classes and services while they're going on. we're going 2 use them for our website they're redesigning right now. i was reminded of this opportunity @ dinner with the Youth Minister. so anyways, tonight I took my camera in and started with the building. got a couple good photos with the right natural light, but this particular photo had the best clouds behind it. rain clouds moved in & out this evening so i used them for soft lighting. however at this moment with this original photo, the sun stuck it's head out behind the cloud. anyways, i waited for sunset to arrive only for rain clouds to open up and pour buckets of rain. i swear monsoon season is here already keeping us cool and the heat at bay. it's a delight. i stood with the doors open and eventually stepped out into the rain once it lightened up. i love liquid sunshine especially in the desert. so refreshing and the scent of the air is magnificent... alas, a wonderful evening much to my delight!

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Bea said...

It looks like you changed the contrast in the photo... is adobe that much better than, say, Windows Live Photo Gallery? That's what I have on my new laptop. bea