Sunday, June 7, 2009

20 books!!!..i can't believe

this was a just because photo tryin' to capture multitude of colors. may play with this one in Adobe Photoshop to see if i can sharpen the colors. but for right now i'm chillin', tryin' to decide whether to watch that movie i was going to watch last night and didn't. after gettin off line last night i noticed some WNBA basketball and the Phoenix Mercury were playing-my fav women's team. so i watched it instead. not sure i'm up for the movie tonight either. it's been a long day at the church. we had a book sale and i came home with 20 that's what i said. can't believe it myself but i did. @ 50 cnts or a dollar a piece i went to town. half of them are Tony Hillerman paperbacks. i had read one of his books over a decade ago and loved it so i wanted to get back to reading his stuff. well practically all of his books were there or so it seemed. i really don't know how many books he wrote. anyway, i loaded up on books today and manage to bring them home on my bike despite. of course the bag busted once i took it off the bike, but hey all safe on the way home....then i went back to church to take photos of some flowers as requested. i went back so i wouldnt have to go in the next 2 days while i'm off. well that didnt' work out. once back at the church, i learned that one of our main doors has problems. couldn't fix it tonight but it's secure enough for now. will go in the morn with Zephyr to see if we can fix it, otherwise i need to replace the whole door. we've had major problems with it constantly since i've been on board. not going to continue doing patch up jobs on it just so it aint' broke. this has gotten old. so i'm not off work tomorrow after all-Ugh!!! tonite i want a relaxing night. not sure an actioned filled martial arts movie will be relaxing. i have til thursday to watch it and return it, but my days are numbered. off to a baseball game tomorrow night. maybe tuesday since i'm off. the rest of the week is work nights. o well. will see. time to go chill however i decide to do that. will let you know about the movie once i watch it....cya laterz!

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