Saturday, June 27, 2009

CC # ?

here's another Color Carnival. i'm losing track of which number it is..again another Balloon Fiesta photo. scanning them again i realized i have loads of color in these photos....

anyways, it's saturday morn. waiting on Fed Ex to stop by with a package i ordered. they attempted yesterday but the sender forgot to put the apartment number on it. so they called this's a cloudy day. although rain is knot in the forecast it could very well do so. it seems Monsoon season is hear already. it's been wet this spring and we're barely into summer and it's still wet. it's nice and refreshing for sure though. got soaked in it yesterday standing at the parking meter for 2 once Fed Ex gets here i want to take a hike. may even hike in the rain. need sum solitude time in nature today. i just don't know when Fed Ex will be here. for now, i'll read a book. almost finished with The Shack. knot sure what i think about it thus far so will decide upon completion. the sunshine just peeked thru. let's hope it stays that way.


storyteller said...

Definitely COLORFUL hot air balloons! Hope you enjoy your walk ... wish you could send some of that rain our way here in So Cal!
I've played on all three blogs this week ... just because. Links to my Color Carnival posts at:
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Hugs and blessings,

Martha said...

Another great balloon shot! They are all so pretty! :-)

Martha in PA said...

Beautiful. I just scanned some hot air balloon photos from around 1985-86, I love balloons

Linda :) said...

Hot air balloons are always perfect!! :)

flowerweaver said...

The balloons are lovely!