Friday, July 3, 2009

Madison's Lil Sister

hello everyone. it's been awhile. it's been a stressful week. busy with work but more importantly Madison's Lil Sister was born this morning @ 3:46a.m. prematurely. 2lbs 11oz. Nevaeh Joy (Heaven spelled backwards). anyways she and mom are doing fine. Nevaeh is off the ventilator already, but please keep her in your prayers. between Jesse last week and this, this week, i'm worn out. i'm off tomorrow and going 2 vegge. i've been away cuz i'm trying a new habit. in lieu of waking up on the computer, i'm just staying away a bit to see how much i can get done without being on it so much. i'll be back soon. everyone have a great 4th!


Martha said...

Prayers on the way for little Nevaeh!

Julie said...

How fun, another baby to play with. Happy 4th